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Observatory of Institutional and Juridical Mutations

The Laboratory combines three teams, OMIJ, le CRIDEAU and CDES, the latter two are thematic teams.

OMIJ works on the mutations of justice and law, pluralism of standards and institutions. For this reason, it develops several research programs: the plurality of judicial systems, Europeanization of justice and pluralism of standards quality of judicial systems and evaluation; influence of the European Court of Human Rights as a reinforcing factor of fundamental rights and a mechanism for procedural harmony and coherence). Judicial iconology develops studies on the representation of standards and socialization of standards and institutions. A second axis (administration, business, general interest services and the mixed nature of applicable law) focuses on the implications of entry into the market of public services (unique windows, public service firms and territorial recomposition) as well as laws applicable to public service agents (privatization of status of administrative agents in Europe).

The Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Law of Environment, Landscaping, and Urbanism (CRIDEAU) examines the law of environment and sustainable development in three main axes: principles and democracy; sustainable urbanism; nature and biodiversity. It works in the area of environmental law and sustainable and integrated management.

The Center for Economic and Sports Law (CDES) studies the juridical and economic dimension of sports. The research covers a set of “sports questions” relevant to the disciplinary field: sports practice, its organization and regulation, its environment… and is carried out on three analytical levels: local and regional, national, and international. The CDES works as well on the sporting status and image, sports economy, and analysis of professional sports economics.

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  • Director : Hélène Pauliat
  • Tél : +33 5 55 14 90 05
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Active national university collaboration : In the scope of the ANR project MAJICE, active collaboration with Poitiers and Paris 1.

Current international university collaboration : Development of the EUROPA network with the cooperation of 17 European nations (partnership conventions in process of signature with Naples II, Complutense of Madrid, Faculty of Political Science and Faculty of Law of the University of Louvain).

Scientific interest groups : Sensitive rural territories in the Massif Central.

Research groups : The CRIDEAU OMIJ is a member of the GDR Scientific and Technical Law team associated with GIP GRIDAUH (GR).