, system_monitor: recvTimingReq: src system.physmem.cpu_side_ccn.slave[2] ReadUniqueReq expr 0 0x401480 111: system.physmem.cpu_side_ccn.system_monitor: copying for ccn pkt to global pkt: pkt ReadUniqueReq reqList ReadUniqueReq state 4 112: system.physmem, cpu_side_ccn.snoop_filter: recvTimingReq: src system.physmem.cpu_side_ccn.slave[2] ReadUniqueReq 0x401480 SF size: 0 lat: 1 112: system.physmem.cpu_side_ccn.snoop_filter: lookupRequest: SF value 0.1 112: system.physmem.cpu_side_ccn.snoop_filter: lookupRequest: new SF value 1.1 112: system.physmem.cpu_side_ccn.snoop_filter: Resp : forwardTiming for ReadUniqueReq address 401480 size 64 114: system.physmem.cache0: recvTimingSnoopReq for ReadUniqueReq address 401480 size 64 114: system.physmem.cache0: handleSnoop for ReadUniqueReq address 401480 size 64 114: system.physmem.cache0: Block for addr 401480 being updated in Cache 114: system.physmem.cache0: Block addr 401480 (ns) moving from state 7

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