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/. .. Oc·~-t· and &. J. Joi, A.Pil lED AND Il:UVJl:~:)f'HdEl'.ti Al MICJ>OWOJ/)IJ'(" AIJ.g. 2005, p. J.5
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, !v'lycosuhtilin Overproduction by Baàflus subtilis BBGWO Enhance~ the Organism's Antagonistic and Biocontrol Activitics

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J. F. Ntfuuri, B. J{}, and . U~t,

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T. A. Bt, Bbnl@m <:!U.d hpt~ti::k p-w6J,::::ti.::.1 ey tll>f' ?Hd-tw~

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P. ?. Tnl-;-r, . Nw!iti-;-f!?-, and . Pq, amit<lotk:$, p. wn~~ 16. h A. L &'.flWf!.tk:in. J. A. tfudl, 'if!\!' R. ~li:k ~~ 1, ~"ti"J/ll(.~ J1tP.·{~ .md ull~r.gnrn-pom'tt, o:X<ftid.trlt?Jf tll2' line~n nK.~lofhiamwstooü:m traJ:i-on in ~ fc\

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&. Li, Tl}? O:)tuïd:.:'11lt volume \f or:~tatiat çt:;.uJd na W é11surthl for .h.igh f~OO EU<i'S becw.1se .tin OOc-atm bigbe than 1~~:' Etglu 0-EFf!C ~xperimi'-nts cq;rentte:J at ditTerent. feed ra(er> tfr mngine ftomü.f(.S w ü, ! l3llld th" food rat? llr

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, /vi\:)_ Th-2 llrAA' rate" ww l.mL rnJn-l ,deJ?ctkm w;n<Biength it, 114n~, PurlftN my"'l:~t,.~ubtilint and su:tf~dtm u~J J'!>: standards '"''i"rü from 5~ma. Tht rotmttkn thn~ and &C:4:'Ctld dé"rlv~uiw ùJ ltté ab~otytion ~trum ootwwn 20:1 aoJ 40ümn tDkdo Array l'DA 91ft

. Tm, <ligllt was d>~<Nrminro Jfti'r dryiog 48h at llO ''C J W~$h00 pi<ll<!! .;,;fa IOrnf. ?mnpli'. nw ~·ptiral dE<nsity at OO:J nm

J. Shlnmdzu~ and . Rtpnn, J\n t-'Çtktll démit, p.1

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, Mcfocd's fuu:tion. 'lbr rnas.s baktw::>t" in rbe k..:un -.~oll.i-:(1!-:)r ü< givenby: ln lhi? part. tM mo®l inwlves forn pill\lln.,ooro (?oo Nt?m<>n-.;;.laùJJ'o? fcr the de.finitlonst tirttu~ Ks~ ms znd lX·s r.r?b!tOO tc~ llhysl?:dogjc:al .z-hara..:.t?-ri, f both its parnm"t""' and vanablt·z. ln the rest of the pre?ru~<>li>:>n, üll tM \<'.Jriab:le-~ are fu:nctions: f>f tirnEL Für .t.itnplkjry~ thi-t n:.enti.on 1~ avtd.doË

, Uétl b:) the O:)O.<:entmtioll in bh..:-.re-a.vlct X, HoW(;<'liBL for f.:mlHJve<rtlrriotlng pllXX'&3eiL oo coly J pm:t of blomJ~s is e:xtract~d. tbe: btmn;tw >Jon.centratkm in ~ drJg._ged foam Xoot c:an M .;:oxpr-2'ss.:>d ti}' h Un&îf relation wheru oe aud ft c.oeffidiftlt.l} are rwo t.ldditiüwJl paramett~r8 of tt~ m<Kii<l, 11-üs roloticn a.lk~· & handlîng Iwo main :as6umptk~ns, X .:out is rmportlùlli!l tox (/3 =0) !.hll! oenespond> k?. partial

. Oo?id«rro.-t.-;-r?:..&lt;l-tha?-le and C. Id-toe-?.-;-c?tlim-vl-wbere, 3 Li~ a uXI31-rêllltro te> the very 1ilrutll overftowing ?)i fl;::.um thar r~n1alns in phMü II Thls fonn also guJ.rant~s tho? \\Jlmne \:'ln the bi.t:xe,rtor to be cüll3ttlnt ln rta~ m mrl equal ~J ~riiiD-c POOiltni'ter astimaticn ü)USiz:ts in tînrling a S?.l1 üf <lppfq,Tia.!Jt ''""''" for tho> nK.:lêl pil!illllli)fers using the avoihibl<> experimiln-t~ll data. POEJ,Jm.o?Mr idendfkati~Jnof ncnli.noclfd~mt11.1lknJ mod-é'b ..:.:~n lx-crpphOO to bi.fAo.gk:al ntltur(2: pnxess<GJ.l,>et al. 2005). A ..:h-o~en Ob.ta.J,:tive functi.:tn., ·tttbje.ct tc~ the constr.rri:nts I?!pt~nt~d 241 b;; tl'k' d.y1t;,mk.:,l m.odd h c~ptimi~d a.::cording b:. -l.b;: P'lramto?E. v·JJues. The ct<9~rh-"{' functiau n1:locts th.? di~Tf<P.Jn?,j.?s l:>erwoen dlè BXJRrimenlal d,1ta lUid th.. ou tpuw of th<· mnl<>L lt can bf' ('(J-flSidt!ro?d -ZJj;;. ~1 Jlle;)SUfemE«nt of the quaJity (?f the fitting Op?fJtÜf)D brtwwn th~ ~\J dataSi'ts, oditkm; .km= 0 Lh-1 . ·l'he brüth ""l.)lun1e in bîrt'~a~t<)f. tt. is a functiw uf time aud d<>pends "" tb.. fooding Jkrv;· ral>l fm In pha9& Ill. th:! pn...-<c~BSSüperate:tata<:otlst~nt volt.1nl.t? Th~ré tore. th.. ioam (?Wrllowilw: llDW mlq rn ust oo "'l'Ml b:? th? f"-'d tlüv. ralot Ut,:u lltfa.ds h:.? tfp C(n.Jition_ In croer t

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. M~·, J. Uur, and . Ûidm, l\)t>l;; (l,f ';.'(lluU.V. m tb:~ t.ldt'.l<:kt I5,Â! '>ll)bdJ iu ~ tb >:tt <'<l>l:»!f-Ümnh·

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, a ;;:ubYJt of perrin~nt pacm1oe~~ t.ba~ cau 00 nzl1.-ably ~stim21t<i'd from rlk avallabl~ Jara hM mt.; ?d;;ctêi As tbf> prc~~~%iii ope.ratt.>S at c~"Jrbon lirmted...grouth at Jo'!.\ gwvr1b n.t~ :;;:m-d :rJ:I;·ünling t0 thê ùtap0 of setu, 2.1)1 !L"" 1 ~rurru.wd ~1tb~-CID65g:Ç 1 b-~t J.nd K~-üü15;g_L~1 . In our f:XJ'X"T.iments~ the snl.lll nLmlOOr of smnpl0& für o?.::,;h txperirn~m m1ght nct aJktw tb.e pr-oper esthmdkm of ali p:wt~m eten of th~ mcool "'hkh Jr< ~

~. Strbset-ks and .. Pn.x--tl.~-for-tontinuous-pn, The tina! ...::.;__vtci!l1lr(ttion of lip:tpé<ptkits in the bk)reoctcf ond in the foam wlk<ètnr 'n givfn in l:?bk J. Roth .. mycosubtillin anJ Stllfaetin "'"'"' fn1nd ?s e'P"':ted but wwluSlvcly in tite fo;,m coll.,.:ted 0Utside Lb@ bit.."'f!eactü.r. 1110 ~iosurJ~Ktaut r.oeo~r)' pN.ren? was thus ab:'-ll 1001(, S-imil.;u-re?,.;::çever:y into r.l"ie ft"'1rn waa-pr~ viou8lydtsuired for surfaotin (Davi? et aL 2001) but 00'\<'<lf for any iturlrtk mrnp)unds, 1tw e.sti.matton of the bi~:Jntal'JS <JAl>:::e"ntrntion in tbe (oJm ü expresSi'd a.s a fun-ction of th~ m~an C(}U.C·OOtnnion "ul tbe b.lorrill, ootnp has!ld nn an 0-EFBC. Thri!i! i':Y.p!'1iment< wer<: f"IT<:.nn<>dat different foo:l rat;:,? !lr

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, rns ofO.l-:! gg-1 b-1 ~thor Y,j,lue I.Jfjlobt:ai.n~dis...zqu.J:l tü 1 70gL _J ,A8-m3 b~'cm>Zs U]Ull ID C>/)65g,!,C 1 b-1 the y;rlt., üf (:1 reaDh"-' 2.ûlgl ~l g?'ttinl!' mom dr, Tt')2: optimis.atl.co strnf.egy r~rmit~ the e:stimation of thi< f<aram?'tenurn<>ll' m~m. Y:'VS A> and{!, Result5 ru:~ gimn in Tahle ::' for beth ms lK,unda.ry v.alu~, \\<'ith

, ,dl)tt.>:J ruprc-·t ;,rrul fccd ut~ J/r ?:Oi,oalrd l'U:r'>"é'~ bt lb~ thr~ c-.qxcnm>t!"nh< o~.1LOO at diffe:r"i!Bifoedmtc.»J!l:·-O,I)fJ.2~gN, lh --(UJ71 (un.ifk)<1nd ür-0.(~6 '~'t(> ~:ropoe-~ in b~1, Th~ Villoe{:) =~

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!. , ). , and P. K. Dod:j&apos;, >Jtye-~re~ m ~ oJ' mymmbtilm8~t h~ l, w.. fuoctL"l~of mem e'JQW<'Û1-nt>! .u--Ji ~·wrew.,.,.rdin.b--1 (riglï). Me-m~t

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J. (. and X. The--w,.?;.due, of ?J33h-1 is abo very d.(?Bt': ln tli;,·alu? ê!f ?L'5 h-1 ~nkula!M during pbawl uf the f'lüC

. Ccms, . Equootly, and . Ms, Loo e,;d .? 19'-'7) to 0.46gg 1 (Sou?1'<>1 nL 19\16}. Tb& k>W~<llueof th.;, gm"'1h ykld on gloeoee is synouymous wilh a k?w en>~trgy ~ffiden;:y. In om cJ;;o, lbü pb<>noma:~on oeold oo ~xplmn.d by twe< foctc?rs. Hrut, xetmt.o hM bé&n d, /OJJ65 gg-1 h-l was. rhcmnln tlk' > ~quel of the urtkl? fcr furth~r sinru1atictlfi' Th~ }'":ys V>lh» h ~quai tc1 û 2(! s, g-i wtüdt h sHg.htly lov.<~r tb.;ul ~locted .)(:(o)rding to the bfbliography, ln ça~ a)( 8_ tubtilis @ff.tVif:t.lw oe ,g.lut·ose.. outhors g.ei'J'l<nlly rep::.vt vaJJk.s roogtng fn.:tm 031

, AJtl"' a ms of ü,J~ g.g-· 1 b-1 .;c-ufir.ming~)-wçh.,.·)k.rc?f.;:1fn~ cif0,ù65gg 1 b~l Tl-., eK?lutkn ?:>f ll:re meMuroo volum? in Ute bkceador b <~pr<Metttéd ln Fig. 4 (riglll? ;ut>l fits witb th<> estiJn,;,ted valoes 244 5A. Ct:.")..'~"'"-rtr'latlt.i!J beti.-.r-ee!t t.tuYm spb~(ti' g.'~tYwth mtfün...t prorftinb:;ry Tm gm\'tth mté si mu lotioo is drue and th, 1~ higt.ii'.r in d:Jo@ caoo of roe.uJts ~im u k1t~d witb <l f~ït<llneteu: subtets ?<-.~ti:n:ult

;. Rg, H whut 6:<..11nit>g i? OE:gli,gibk, th!> >r<>-dtîri gn, vol.5

;. !!lm-=-lir.-111&lt;?-brginnlng-e&lt;f-tb, J. :. Am, and C. , iii pllllllê fli in<lih::e> m itta'f!a.s.? of the >lope <?f the p curw. ln Appendix A. Wû demon<>tri!le thal th? limit mue of the 'l"!"':ific g;rov?tb rnte < 1111 be re,;::hOO and b gre<

, tM/ YX)$5m) + ( S,n :' X~111t) -1l/ .fx_>S' J Re--mùts s

. ~!te, #pf'ci.fic gtowtb ratot~~ jf-tr.;>at JI

. J~·er, <A.peri.m<!tlt Tbem:dol wa, extrap:Jli!!oo t.::?Jiv~ Jddltiülll!le"!'oerlm, p.1
URL : https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/in2p3-00743070

;. 06~-h-1.-s:imublim»-wcre and V. -. , 4 WE'Ie .:t}S>.) r\.."'1f<::m."floiild iJ.n?j W"Wi! corre la lOO to pv:xlutli,ily. Fig. 6 (kft dd*.' sltow? thal lM meon valu>? of s-pedfi<c gH.·"Nf·th ratB was a l.it1e<1r functic:o vf (hi:!> food rul?. This reoult conùrrn>!ld the mmarl; *, the r>ngê [1.09 g, 1..43 eJ . . Th" SIIf.lli' simulatÎOOB -il.> ÎU Fi

, Thenfom~ the lllit1tirn um mycç.-su btllin :p.rodudJVlty oorresponds to the rna:timurn gwwtb mw. The ?P"""ilk prcdoetivily in 11\Y0Y. mbùlin wa. rnaxim1ll 1\:.r f""':lrale of O.OS6h-1 lt oe3:hed ùtë v{lLU>2 r::~f 1 -~7 mg cl

, Js-tibtilin leJj v~~ J: roc:ovmy pen:.;mtage Jpprmx::btng H)ü~-. FcAunmg ~rflctY~-· al.s-(1 loads b:) the k;s~ of J. blo-rn ats cc(ncentr, Prodt.KtiDU of bkHmrfackmts by aerobic m.kro:.r_g,anhtru 10 bictedotml; is fr~<IU<'ntly limhed by !lw fvatning 0-EF&C b; a DlCf'FJC""' in which tbbywbkm t.?wrn<>s an ad,'dlllii~W bK·> US<' üf tht? high :oe~::;t)very _p5:rc enta.giè:' of lhe bJogurfaa.:::t.ant in tht ü::!('Jm, In uur sttrly. ·tb~ (f.uHnuou~ re1noval cd· the :myr

A. \$llftd, Th:is Iê'Stllt WJf. (t;mfinned tron.1 an original modd th> t f"Crn:irs tlli> haudling eof d-w c""'? <Jft.:.lh exponentiall0d-baoeh 3nd avt'rflowing ''IX'"'mial fed-batüb 1l1e

U. ). Vztl and _. Th, xperitoont:L this NTor roowiood ac<:ept,bk lt sltowtd th<' gc.cù at<illty of tb? mede! lü p-~dk t th? l'"'"'"''; b?ba?ionr a>t dlff<'I~nt food rotes> Basi'd con thü lrn""'kdg~-mnst~nt-food:irtg strat~g.ies ZtUc~vrîng ·the grovAh of the rnktoQl1FtULs:m nt .SLtslJtinabk md (()nf.it.lrrl: s~dbr :;v.)'""i.h r~tlê~ as j t is (kl-lR in :~-xuüal Il2fTdm~ _prvcess ~'-mid ·oe const-OEre=d ff?r furth>Yr ptws-k""~ll)_f(l\'-J.I $ludies requinng ? ?texly-lltaoe> Fmm this mede!. a qum-bnOElf rdati(Jnsltip OOt~wn prüductlvtty and the m~au spe-(;ifi( ~fCt\tlt.h rate obtam~d fro, Thb prc>~Spect oJUld oe rft:rchOO hy go?U.lng .1 mor..:> effic.ient kMruîng using a.n.olh-t?:r t>1:t0 of trnpdler thJJI wou Id hùld up ? corutant vcAmne ofbroth during th0 0-EFBC' > Ho?wwr. th"' pi1.xltwtlvity of L~7 Illfl of myrosubtitin g-l <Jf t.iomJss b-L obtainoo with tbi' hi~t teste<J foed rn tc

, Univêt1!i!é d?s Sdenoe~ et T~ctin:::llüg1t?s de, Lllle~ the k.! gion Nord Piis oe ·, Jprni>nL UUJ At timemstano=fJ.. befurethefEd-t\rt..:.,h~c-w..S::::::c~.., then If=')~ Fer a .steady s.-tate of the :fud-hlKh ~·ulturf3' ff(

, cëwn l' lim = f.,.l'lt: 1/r In til~ fournmg pbJoo nf tb~ p-oc-. frcAfl Eq, 1 3). we bave V~=-~VX+l:S18 -5\fm-fnslFX, ?lt !Jfr-=0 LùDklog f;:)f the ste

, pt1d~; 1!1.nin$ a:d~dm~_.ActP:llY--Uf:ll.(lf.UX': rehtJ>:t.Ehip$ u

!. Jn, M. Y. Toj-c.-;-t.-d, and C. R. D~ltl, S% Cbnt.l1L Murnlfdl:", [1}4_ kttfl>! UWly G.fL 198L ln ~iru mb.:.t.i<ll Ni»n<:eaoto;~il r.tK(?~rv, vol.2, p.1

D. , A. Lfnch, . Hc, . K. V{lr, and .. .. Oc, .'\tr:f d ~urb.r<:tin llr-An

T. .. and ~. , , pp.6-11

. C. G~v, . ~b@&apos;.-e, &. L. Jlao, and . Xiu, hr.ut~t.m id->$rul6aati:.n ptobl~m t>f the· oonli:oe-~r dyr.tm:irnt ~:~tem u

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!. Le&gt;, .. _. Üf-;-~-jks, !. , and ;. Oo-gjocna-cfu&lt;jt~, uoc:olngy 87 d ~\J, l5 j. .. J;..j._, M,a.rbl:l!!!:t-~"-, hmire:.:. CJ.T~-V-.tl"k F. l'tll&_ E:.ffui-L of gr~ tilVt on ~ PJO. düctil:ln d t!-~Joct.:::e::~~i>u>-!! from &élr:rir.~ ~~i m ll«dt':::a so-Jnilis w:iq;g glu~~ltmire-d ~:q.onera:UaUy fudl?<ttdl rulmoe·1<. Eluyrn Mao:ob. Te-..:hn!)L 21~(-o) 5~1)-526, Mdnt:o"tf-'. J l Buoch. A~W. BuRA .kT. l'lQii_ ~oct

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