. .. Introduction, 85 7.2 Medical system on cloud federation

. .. , 90 7.3.1 Two phases of generating data storage configuration

. .. , 104 7.4.1 Finding Pareto configuration set

.. .. Conclusion,

, This chapter introduces the detail of a hybrid data storage configuration of the medical system in cloud environment and how to find a good hybrid data storage configuration following the required quality of workload [97]. Section 7.2 shows an overview of Medical Data Management System for a cloud federation and the background of our approach Contents 9, Chapter 5 and 6 introduce two algorithms of estimation accurate cost value, searching and optimizing for Multi-Objective Optimization Problems in a cloud federation, vol.139

. .. Future-works, 142 concludes our work on data management in cloud federations and its application in the medical domain. Section 9.2 summarizes our contributions. Large scale data management is a vast domain that we have very partially addressed. Section 9

, Summary and Conclusion Medical data management in cloud federations raises Multi-Objective Optimization Problems (MOOPs) for query processing and data storage, according to users preferences, such as response time, monetary cost, qualities, etc

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