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, Sorting of effects using Morris method

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, Frequencies and deformed shapes of the first nine computed modes of the spanish guitar soundboard, in free-free conditions. The red color representd the highest eigenvectors values

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, Capstans used to attach the strings

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, Mesh and model of the air cavity for the computation of the acoustic modal basis

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, 22 Operational modes of the violin obtain by LDV

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, Numerical acoustic modes of the air cavity inside the violin, with their respective frequencies, the cavities are considered as rigid. The acoustic fields are given in Pa, p.207

, MAC matrix between correct and incorrect orientation of the sides and linings of the violin

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. .. , Numerical modes of a violin bridge fixed at its feet. The bridge shown is cut in the same way than instrument makers do. A difference is observed with the eigenfrequencies of a violin bridge uncut (as sold by the bridge seller), vol.217

, Numerical modes of a violin bridge coupled with violin soundboard. The red color gives the maximum eigenvector value

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, FRF curves ; (f), matched eigenvector error

, Screening analysis of the parameters on the soundboard, back and body modes of the violin below 800 Hz

, Ranking of the grouped material, climatic, design and presets parameters according their influence on the back and body eigegnfrequencies of the modes of the violin below 800 Hz

, top view ; (b), classical guitar braces ; (c), folk guitar bars ; (d), selmer guitar bars, Computer aided designs of : (a)

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, Modal overlap factor as a function of the third octave bands, for three different cases of guitar bars

, Fuzzy FRF of the bridge admittance for : (a) classical guitar braces ; (b), folk guitar bars ; (c), selmer guitar bars

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, Representation of the tunable parameters of a guitar soundboard with classical braces, vol.252

, See electronic version for animation, Interface MICAD developped in collaboration with the LAUM

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, Interface MICAD for violin soundboards. See electronic version for animation, p.256

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A. , Loss factors as function of the frequency in longitudinal (a) and radial (b) directions, p.270

, Probability density function of the relative humidity

, Probability density function of the temperature

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, Sorption isotherm for spruce obtained using DVS

. .. A.6-;, Mass variation of one spruce beam specimen, L3, submitted to 23 ? C and 75 % RH from 50 % RH and 23 ? C. The evolution follows a Fick's law, p.274

A. ;. , Mass variation of the spruce beam specimen, L3, submitted to 23 ? C and 75 % RH from 50 % RH and 23

A. , Initial state (50 % RH, 23 ? C) ; (b) Equilibrium state (75 % RH, 23 ? C), dimensions are given in pixels

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A. , 20 Fuzzy FRF of the bridge admittance taking into account making uncertainties, p.297

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, Mechanical parameters considered for the characterisation at the macroscopic scale of the wood, mostly taken from

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, Identified material properties for spruce quarter samples

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, Constants for the normal distribution for different material parameters, p.101

. .. , Constants for the wakeby distribution for all material parameters, p.101

, ? C of the mechanical properties of spruce wood

, Storage modulus and loss factor in L direction for different RH, with the protocol PI (T=27 and 38 ? C), at 1Hz

. .. , 128 3.5 Comparison between the relative variation of the material parameters for absolute variations of RH and T for DMA and FEMU-3DVFCLIM. For temperature variation, the RH and frequency considered are 50 % and 1Hz, Rigidities and loss factors identified for different cases of relative humidity and temperature, p.128

. .. %/-?-c, Relative changes of the rigidities and loss factors as a function of the temperature for different cases of relative humidity

%. .. Mc,

, Descritpion of the stages of construction of the guitar soundboards tests, p.146

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, Sum up of the ten first eigenfrequencies values according to different mesh resolution levels

, Results of the error value and convergence for the three cases of mesh resolution

. .. , Results for the first four modes measured and computed. The mode shapes, eigenfrequencies and mean experimental modal damping are given, p.154

, Comparison of the first six computed modes with different relative humidity PDF (45 % and 55 %)

, Values of modal overlap factor for corresponding third octaves bands, and corresponding dynamic domain

, Material properties of Spruce, maple and ebony wood ; used in the unmounted violin model, based on relation between rigidity and density, p.163

. .. , 166 5.1 Nomenclature of the canonical modes of the violin below 800 Hz, according to

, Mean and relative values of the tunable parameters, and relative variation in comparison with nominal (nom.) value

, Fixed material properties values for different wood species and orientations. the values for ebony are taken from, p.193

, Deterministic variability implemented for Morris screening analysis, based on [Guitard 87] (maple) and chapter II results (spruce)

. .. , Wood species and orientation of the components of the violin, p.195

, Comparison of the canonical modes of the violin. V1 and V2 correspond to the violin studied experimentally. P and N oP correspond to the simulation case, respectively with prestresses and without

, Comparison of the frequencies of the operational mode and modal damping of the violin V2 with stretched and loosened strings

, Acoustic modes complex frequency, damping, and given impedance of the f-holes, p.207

, 210 5.10 Tuning tension of the strings, experimental values and string maker references, p.210

, Mechanical properties of the violin strings

, Thermal expansion coefficients applied on strings, soundpost and bass bar for the implementation of the prestresses

. .. , Frequency shift of the bridge, from rough state to cut state, p.217

, 15 Nomenclature of the parameters used for the screening analysis results display, p.222

, Material properties of Spruce wood, used for both guitar soundboard and braces, and indian rosewood for bridge and rosette

. .. , Truncated normal distribution of the spruce wood parameters, p.236

, Physical properties of the soundboard models

. .. , Name and description of the parameters considered for the analysis, p.238

, Matched eigenfrequencies of the three cases with nominal values of the parameters, vol.242

, Values of modal overlap factor (%)for corresponding third octaves bands for different cases of guitar bars

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, Identified material properties for maple quarters

A. , Ratio between the rigidities and loss factors and the density for maple quarters, p.269

T. .. Rh, , p.271

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, Comparison of the matched eigenfrequencies and MAC value for two different cases of orientation of the sides part II

A. , Comparison between prestressed and non-prestressed modal basis on violin model part I

, 10 Comparison between bended and carved soundboard, part I

A. , Comparison between bended and carved soundboard computed modal basis, part II 282 A.12 Comparison between bear claw and standard soundboard computed modal basis part I

, A.13 Comparison between bear claw and standard soundboard computed modal basis part II

A. , Discrepancy between experimental and numerical for rhombicuboctahedron, p.288

A. , 15 Material properties for wooden rhombicuboctahedron

A. ;. , 16 Results of the modal analysis of the Selmer soundboard, p.289

A. , 17 Material properties implemented test-model correlation

A. , Experimental finite element model comparision of a guitar soundboard with theoretical value

A. , Experimental finite element model comparision of a guitar soundboard with theoretical value from this work

A. , Experimental finite element model comparison of a guitar soundboard with measured values of the soundboard and the bars

, A.C. comparison between initial and modified wood for exact geometry, part I, A.21 Geometrical parameter and range of variations

M. E. and M. A. , comparison between initial and modified wood for exact geometry, part I