. Our and . .. Models,

, A different two-step decomposition

.. .. Conclusion,

, we present the methods and results of our related key cryptanalysis on it using constraint programming. Using the methods described in the previous chapter

.. .. Results,

. .. Midori, 126 8.6.1 Related-Key Differential Attacks

.. .. Conclusion,

. Banik, While several attack models are discussed by the authors of Midori, the authors made no claims concerning the security of Midori against related-key differential attacks. Its structure is very close to that of the AES, so that we can apply our CP methods to search for optimal relatedkey differential characteristics on Midori. This permits us to find full-round related-key differential characteristics for both versions of Midori, Midori is a lightweight block cipher with 2 versions, Midori64 and Midori128, which was introduced in, 2015.

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