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B. Figure, 19 Orientation of long axis for each phase derived from FOAMS analysis for M490. 90° correspond to the vertical axis of sample cylinder and 0° is perpendicular sample cylinder axis

, *l-1,4)+result(2*l,4))/2; %frequency average Sf = 1*10^(-6), f=, issue.2

, % phi1-phi2 %if some functions are missing, please contact D.Freitas Sphi=(sqrt(SphiTC1^2+SphiTC2^2))*pi()/180;% std on phi (1s) while phi<0 %important step to keep the phase shift phi=abs

, *P^2+25.019*P+3225.5+temperature*(-0.11749); %calculated from Li and Li, 2007.

*. 10^5, /(temperature^2))/0.14069; % heat capacity, 1991.

K. ,

, -alpha*(temperature-298.15)+P/K)^(-1/3); %calculation of size variations Sd = sqrt(((1-alpha*(temperature-298.15)+P/K)^(-1/3))^2*Sd0^2

D. Figure, M525 -166b (4 GPa) experimental procedure with temperature history with time and power/temperature calibration. Microphotographs of recovered sample are provided perpendicular (left) and parallel (right) to sample cylinder axis

D. Figure, Phase shift (first raw), amplitude ratio (third raw) and inferred diffusivities (second and fourth raw respectively), are represented as function of temperature and frequency

D. Figure, Phase shift (first raw), amplitude ratio (third raw) and inferred diffusivities (second and fourth raw respectively), are represented as function of temperature and frequency