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, An example of coordinates mapping having no deviation. The lines originating from and terminating at map markers, represent the routes. The arrowhead lines represent the direction of the route (i.e., starting and ending points) and the "Part xyz" above the arrowhead lines corresponds to the matching parts mentioned in Algorithm 1

, The lines originating from and terminating at map markers, represent the routes. The arrowhead lines represent the direction of the route (i.e., starting and ending points) and the "Part xyz" above the arrowhead lines corresponds to the matching parts mentioned in Algorithm 1

. Santander and . .. Spain,

, Mapping of traffic sensors coordinates into routing coordinates

, Percentage of correct detection of sensors on the routes

, Percentage of missed detection (non-detection) of sensors on the routes

, Percentage of false detection of sensors on the routes

, Spain (a) traffic sensor deployment, (b) parking sensor deployment

, OnStreetParking (parking area) and TrafficFlowObserved (traffic information) entities

, UML component diagram of the IoTRec interfaces

, Aggregation of parking spots into parking areas

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. .. , Evaluation results of the quality of recommended routes and parking spots, p.89

, Evaluation results of the functionalities of the recommendations for parking spot availability, route calculation, walking route to a parked car and parking area statistics

, Evaluation results of the ease of use of the navigation, route calculation and route analysis, p.90

, Evaluation results of the reliability of the provided parking spot data and parking area occupancy statistics

, An overview of Chamrousse ski resort

, Skiing route for advanced users by IoT recommender and Open Snow Map

, Skiing route for intermediate users by IoT recommender and Open Snow Map

, Skiing route for beginner users by IoT recommender and Open Snow Map

, 97 3.25 UML component diagram of the interfaces of IoT recommender for smart skiing, p.99

, System architecture of privacy preserving parking system

. .. , Performance evaluation of k-anonymity when QIA = 1 (user latitude), p.115

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, Performance evaluation of k-anonymity when QIA = 3 (user latitude, user longitude, parking id), p.122

, Performance evaluation of k-anonymity when QIA = 3 (user latitude, user longitude, timestamp), p.125

, Performance evaluation of k-anonymity when QIA = 4 (user latitude, user longitude, timestamp, parking id)

, Performance evaluation of k-anonymity for all QIA = 1, 2, 3, 4

. .. =1, MAE and RMSE for varying privacy budget when sensitivity ( f ), p.134

. .. =2, 134 4.10 MAE and RMSE for varying privacy budget when sensitivity ( f )=3, MAE and RMSE for varying privacy budget when sensitivity ( f )

. .. =4, MAE and RMSE for varying privacy budget when sensitivity ( f ), p.135

. .. =5, MAE and RMSE for varying privacy budget when sensitivity ( f ), p.136

. .. , MAE and RMSE for varying privacy budget when sensitivity ( f )=1, 2, 3, 4, 5, p.137

, 145 5.2 A sample application scenario in which different applications benefit from the SIoT by using other application's data

. .. Proposed-framework-of-scdiot, 151 3.1 Properties of parking spot, parking area (OnStreetParking) and traffic information (TrafficFlowObserved) entities

, Example of Status-wise Storage of Parking Sensor Data

, Example of Storage of Parking Spot Occupancy Statistics for 52 weeks

, Example of Storage of Parking Area Occupancy Statistics

, Questionnaire for the evaluation of the IoTRec functionalities through the prototype, p.88

, An example snapshot of data table for parking recommendation

, Description of the experimentation database for anonymization