=. Gl, V ) be the Zariski closure of ?. Then: 1. ? n : B n ? B n?1 is a (possibly ramied) Galois cover of smooth proper curves with group 1. The morphism C ? B is separable by Lemma A. Then the generator of the Galois group of C ? B is an hyperelliptic involution and so we can apply

. =-c/-<-i, > where i an hyperelliptic involution. Then the proof goes exactly as in

, every U ? C j,n (?) contains ?(n) (resp. ?(?(n + 1))), hence C j

, ? 1)) and use

. N-?-n, By denition of the projective system and induction (and [CT12b, Lemma 3.2] if j = 0

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