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, Finally, I investigated the effect of LiGluR chronic activation on the AMPA receptor scaling induced by TTX and AP-5 chronic treatment. I was unable to detect AMPA receptor upscaling both by electrophysiology and immunocytochemistry and stopped the project

, DMSO (control) or MAG0 was applied, and light-activation was achieved by illuminating for 100 ms every 15s during 3 hrs. (A) SEP-GluA1 surface staining in neurons transfected with LiGluR439C and SEP-GluA1, stained with anti-GFP antibody before fixation, and (B) SEP-GluA1 average intensity after chronic lightexposition. (*p<0.05). (C) Representative recordings of AMPA receptor mEPSCs.(D) Mean AMPA receptor mEPSC frequency, and (E) amplitude for each condition, Neurons were transfected at DIV 10 with LiGluR439C and SEP-GluA1 or Td tomato, vol.14