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, @BD/#E6'C C:8D &' @6EC '8 @6EC &)I'6:@@)'C &8C 6' &:7/8' &' 6, vol.88

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,. &apos;8dz-iwj-#&apos;d-&apos;,,&apos;d-@:d&apos;8d/6/cd&apos;eb-&amp;e-#-;-d/d-&apos; and &. #d/, @B)C'8#' &' &:C'C B'6D/I'7'8D

&. #d/i&apos;-&amp;&apos;c-#&apos;66e6&apos;c-de7:b6&apos;c-#&apos;-#,

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. I/&amp;&apos;8#&apos;-e8, /D/:8 &' #B:/CC8#' 'D 6^/8&E#D/:8 &' 6 7:BD6/D) &'C #'66E6'C, p.78

C. C@.)b:2&amp;&apos;c-ce/d&apos;-e-#,

. @bd/b-&amp;&apos;c-&amp;, 8D 7/C '8 )I/&'8#' E8' "C'8#' &' ")8),/#' DB/D'B 6'C C@.)B:2&'C, p.88

, )B@/' ,B#D/:88)'Z E8' .)D)B:-)8)/D) &' B)@:8C' '8DB' 6'C &'EK 6/-8)'C #'66E6/B'C )DE&/)'C

. @bd/b-&amp;&apos;c-&amp;, , p.88

. Uwuy-c&apos;b/d-/cce&apos;-&amp;^e8, , p.8

. &amp;^&apos;8i/c-&apos;b-e8-db8c, BD #6/8/AE' &' #'DD' 7)D.:&:6:-/' &' #

, /8/B 6 &:C' &^6@B/" 7K/76' D:6)B)

, $ 0*, vol.31

. *=$, , 2009.

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). Dcdc&apos;c-#)b)&quot;b6&apos;c-&amp;&apos;-de7&apos;ebc-777/b&apos;c-db/@6&apos;d8, B. Db(c, D. Ae&apos;8d&apos;c-#.&apos;m-#&apos;-c:ecd, and &. Bd-&amp;&apos;c-b)ce6ddc-&amp;&apos;-#&apos;-#,

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Z. &amp;8c-&amp;&apos;c, 'C &' C@.)B:2&'C ] ' 7BAE'EB ,6E:B'C#'8D 6d &8C E8 @B'7, vol.7

D. #b#d)b/c)-@bd/b-&amp;&apos;-#e6deb&apos;c-v-@b, , p.8

@. Ceb-c-#, #:8,/B7'B 6 B@/&' @)8)DBD/:8 'D 6

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#. Ceb-&amp;&apos;c-;-&apos;c-&amp;&apos;-#e6deb&apos;-w-z-#&apos;c-)de&amp;&apos;c-:8d-)d)-&apos;, and &. #de, C @6EC 6:8-dD'B7'Z @B, vol.7

:. B&amp;z-ceb-6&apos;c-#e6deb&apos;c-v-z-e8&apos;-&apos;k@b&apos;cc,

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-. and #. Db/d&apos;, C 'K@)B/'8#'C &^86LC'C &' 6^#D/I/D) &' #'C '8 @B)C'8#, 6'7'8DZ 6' B<6' B'6'I8D &' 6

#. #e8&apos;-&amp;&apos;c-@:7@&apos;c-@&apos;b7&apos;ddb/d-&amp;,

@. C&apos;c-&amp;&apos;-db/d&apos;,

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/. 8d/d-d)-;-b/d-&amp;&apos;-6^&apos;, and . ##/d)-&amp;&apos;-6^6@b/,

. B/@.)b/ae&apos;c-&amp;&apos;c-c@.)b:2&amp;&apos;c-@b,

^. , #:66":BD/:8 &' DL@' @E"6/#c@B/I) I'# &'EK @BD'8/B'C /8&ECDB/'6CZ 6

#. , BD/:8 6' @B:4'D ^ Z &:D) &^E8 ,/88#'7'8D &'C ,:8&C 'EB:@)'8C, p.66

. @6#&apos;-&amp;&apos;@e/c-c&apos;@d&apos;, 6E/d#/Z &^E8' &EB)' 'CD

. #&apos;66e6/b&apos;c-w-de7:bek-:e-c/8c-&apos;d-i, , p.750

@. and /. ##/d)-&amp;&apos;c-7, )#E6'C '8 &)I'6:@@'7'8D

, /8&ECDB/'66'C /8#6E'8D iuj 6' &)I'6:@@'7'8D 'D 6 #B#D)B/CD/:8 &'C 7:&(6'C w '8 #:d#E6DEB'C iI'# &'C #'66E6'C

, D'8/B &'C 7:&(6'C '8#:B' @6EC @B)&/#D/,C &' 6 B)@:8C' DE7:B6' (

. B6/cd,

/. 8c/-e8-;-c-)de&amp;&apos;c-&amp;&apos;-c#b-;-c-@bd/b-&amp;&apos;-#&apos;c, , vol.7

. @bd/#/@&apos;b-#&apos;-@b,

. 3p-p-&amp;8c-e8, BD:/B' '8 #:77E8 i@B:4'D &' j] vtv ! vtw ? &I8/Z ::4Z 'D 6IB: :B'8

, !67 /!5 M 09! ! (-5!66N z\ y} {u

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, Ic BE-Cc8,:B7D/:88 BE-Cc @@B:I'& BE-CcE#7y}vwy{

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. B/@6&apos;-&apos;-d/i&apos;-b&apos;cd-8#&apos;b-b,

. Z. Ebci/# and . Dd, , vol.56

. Lcd&apos;7, DD@C\cc&:/]:B-cut]utw|cCB'@vyu|{] ? '8D:8Z "B/'6Z B/8 B8:ED:IZ L ':B-'Z L8& ] 6'/878Z 'D '88, 6\ B:7 /C#:I'BL 8& /7/#BL D: CCLC 8& :&'6C ,:B 8#'B 'C'B#. b] 9/! 58& !-(9!5< !9

B. &. B@l-8&amp;,

. Eb-/c, , vol.8

. Dd@c\cc&amp;,

/. Bcz-&apos;d-&quot;b/,

. E78-/c&apos;c&apos;-8&amp; and . Be-&apos;c@,

. Dd@c\cc&amp;,

/. Dd:8z-&apos;, and B. &apos;l-b&apos;&apos;8c@,

, 7CZ L8 ] B5'BZ 8 6:J'BZ 6'8 :@'MZ EM88' L6'Z B5 'ED

. ?-e-&amp;&apos;z-/lec.z-/l-/cjcz-&quot;b/#&apos;-&apos;b/&apos;8z and . Ez,

/. Dd, / %05 /!5 !6!5' uw i|j\ vwv} wx, vol.53

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]. Dd@c\ccjjj and &. Ic, , p.6

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&. &amp;i/l&apos;.z-]-e6:c&apos;z-;-ddec and . E7, ' 085/-0% /!5 uuu ixj\ z}z {t{, vol.6

I. Cc, /8 B/@6' '-D/I' C6d6/5' B'CD 8#'B '66 /8'\ B:C@'#D/I' :6'

, B:I'BZ /dC/8 8Z :8-#

E. #. /&amp;-7&amp;&amp;z-i&apos;cd, 8Z B)&)B/AE' ', vol.8, p.0

E. #. /&amp;-7&amp;&amp;z-&quot;b/#&apos;-j/d5, JC5/Z I'Cd'8 /-8:8Z B)&)B/AE

. Dd@c\cc&amp;, , vol.6

, B@L i jd /8-6'd '8D'B B:C@'#D/I' 8&:7/M'& B/6 b] !850685&!5< |w iwj\ yzz {w

, DD@C\cc&:/]:B-cut]utw|c8DEB'twxxy] ? 'B6LZ #AE'CZ C"'66' :'B4:7DB7Z 4'C. /5C./DZ E6D8 C'BZ :6/8 D

?. 6&amp;/&apos;, and Z. Eb&apos;8#&apos;z-;-d/ae&apos;-&apos;d-@b&apos;c#b/@d, , vol.8

. Dd@c\cc&amp;,

, 8D'B8D/:86 K@'BD :8C'8CEC :8 D.' B/7BL .'B@L :, B6L B'CD 8#'B vtuu b

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. Dd@c\cc&amp;,

?. E@dz-/c,

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B. #b,

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?. C7/6d, , vol.8

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. ?-/b5z, /C5 #D:BC] 8#:DL@' CCL B'&/#DC :#6 '#EBB'8#' /8 B'CD 8#'B b] 785! !9

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?. Jc5/z-&quot;b/#&apos;z-c#6, CC'88'Z 6/B' AE'DZ '8d/'BB' EB'CZ D./6&' Ld '66/6'Z 'D I'Cd

. ?-a-b-;-c-w-\-b)&amp;e/b&apos;z-b,

]. Dd@c\ccjjj and B. , CC/:88'6CdB'#.'B#.'cB'#.'B#.'d@B'd#6/8/AE'c'K@'B/7'8DD/:8d8/76'cB'-6'd wdBdB'&E/B'dB

?. 7z-d/z-/,

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?. Fff,

?. E5,

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?. &. B# and . Dd/z-6e&amp;/z-e&amp;,

. Dd@c\ccjjj,

?. Dd,

, DD@C\cc&:/]:B-cut]utw|c8B#u|}w] ? ::Z B#Ld 88Z #, 6F /!5 z i|j\ y|w }v, vol.6

?. B#/z-/#, 66' '8&'BC:8Z /#.'66

/. Dcelz-/&apos;8d-./&apos;-e8-z-&apos;d-/b,

?. &amp;z-d&apos;i&apos;,

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C. #d, , vol.66

?. 8#, B7D/:88 BE-Cc @@B:I'&

, Ic BE-Cc8,:B7D/:88 BE-Cc @@B:I'& BE-CcE#7y}vwy{

?. 6z,

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?. ^e66/i8z-/b, , pp.0-0

?. 8c#,

?. &amp;e6d-b&apos;d7&apos;8d-&amp;/d:b/, B&] vttv] a B'CD 8#'B B'D7'8D i pj\, vol.6

]. Dd@\ccjjj and . 8#,

. ?-&apos;8e6dd6-;-b/@6&apos;d&apos;-d/i&apos;-b&apos;cd-8#, 6:-/#6 8& :6'#E6B

. ?-&apos;b, 66#5Z 'D 6] vttt] a :6'#E6B :BDB/DC :, E78 B'CD E7:EBC b] 785! xtz iz{}{j\ {x{ yv

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E. and B. 8#&apos;b-b,

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?. Ccz-]z-]-b&quot;bmz-]-&apos;bdb8&amp;z-&apos;d-]d, 6' CDB8& "B'5 B'@/BZ :8' 7'#.8/C7 #8 ./&' 8:D.'B\ 6D'B8D/I' 8:8d.:7:6:-:EC '8&, vol.4

. Dd@c\cc&amp;,

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?. B5&amp;/z-6mcz-cm6, E78 E6D/&BE-'C/CD8#' 8&, vol.8

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Z. Bz,

?. E8-z-/d-.e8-z-7l-]-c/, D'I'8 ] 66'8Z EdCE5' :B/CJZ /D#, vol.66

?. Ebc,

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, /8/'6Z .8D6 EBLZ 'B-' '66/'BZ I

?. 6d,

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?. Ae,

?. 6d, 8Z 7'6/8'Z I8 JBML8/5Z .B/CD/8 7"6B&Z, vol.8

. Dd@c\cc&amp;,

?. Cc/#-]z-b/,

?. Ez-]z-]-d-]-&apos;b&apos;mz,

. /!5j,

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B. Cce&apos;-b,

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&. , %#4#%6>4+5>'5 2#4 70' #$5'0%' &G':24'55+10 &'5 4>%'26'745 #7: F5641)?0'5 = .# 241)'56>410' .G#$5'0%' &, vol.5, p.5106

, 06*>6+37' .'5 #06+ 5 %+$.'06 .'5 24124+>6>5 &'5 67/'745 #05 %' %106':6' %'5 64#8#7: &' 4'%*'4%*' 106 >6> 14+'06>5 574

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, 5>47/ #06+ .#2#4+$ 4#&+16*>4#2+' (4#%6+100>' %1/$+0>' 7.6+47) '5+56#0%' )

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, 56 +65 )4', vol.57

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