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, OH)4 -Y: 2.32 % -d x by: 1. -WL: 1.5406 -Triclinic -a

, % -d x by: 1. -WL: 1.5406 -Triclinic -a 8, Dolomite -CaMg(CO3)2 -Y: 15.98 % -d x by: 1. -WL: 1.5406, vol.57, pp.1-089

, -alpha 94.230 -beta 116.640 -gamma 87.720 -Base-centered -C-1 (0) -4 -662.918 -I/Ic PDF 00-036-0426 (*) -Dolomite -CaMg, Calcite, syn -CaCO3 -Y: 23.59 % -d x by: 1. -W L: 1.5406 -Rhombo.H.axes -a 4.98900 -b 4

, OH)4 -Y: 1.36 % -d x by: 1. -WL: 1.5406 -Triclinic -a

, % -d x by: 1. -WL: 1.5406 -Triclinic -a 8, Dolomite -CaMg(CO3)2 -Y: 9.31 % -d x by: 1. -WL: 1.5406, vol.57, pp.1-089

, OH)4 -Y: 2.22 % -d x by: 1. -WL: 1.5406 -Triclinic -a

, % -d x by: 1. -WL: 1.5406 -Triclinic -a 8, (*) -Dolomite -CaMg(CO3)2 -Y: 6.69 %, vol.57, pp.1-089

, Operations: Import 104B14MG 32 -File: SAD0007.raw -Type: 2Th/Th

, OH)4 -Y: 1.75 % -d x by: 1. -WL: 1.5406 -Triclinic -a

, Microcline maximum -KAlSi3O8 -Y: 2.37 % -d x by: 1. -WL: 1.5406 -Triclinic -a 8, (*) -Dolomite -CaMg(CO3)2 -Y: 9.04 %, vol.57, pp.1-089

, Operations: Import 104B14MG 137 -File: SAD0009.raw -Type: 2Th/Th