.. .. Giotto-workflow,

, Example of a Giotto Task Execution

, Execution of a Processing Operation in Oasis

. .. A-lustre-program,

.. .. Component,

.. .. Task-manager,

, Example of an Extended Timed Component

, High Level Representation of the Target Architecture

, Potential Conflict Between Interactions ? 1 and ?

, High Level Representation of a Decentralized Send-Receive Model of the Task Manager Example

, Send/Receive Transformation of the Controller Component From Figure 2.3, vol.46

, A Simple Petri Net with Two Succesive Markins

.. .. Scheduling-mechanism,

, Example of a History Clock for Action a

, Refined Version of the Conflict Resolution Layer from Figure 4.2, p.65

, Planning Automata for the Task Manager Example

, Sample of the Output Strategy from UPPAAL-Tiga

, Example of Clocks with Different Rates

.. .. Bip-layers,

. .. Bip-example,

. The and . .. Toolbox,

, The Distributed Real-Time BIP Filter

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A. ,

A. , The Gearbox Controller Component

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