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. Taille+moyenne+,

, Size'(µm)' t=0"min" t=310"min" t=400"min" t=490"min" 1" 1" 10" 100" 1000" Volume'percent'(%)' Size'(µm)' t=150"min" t=170"min" t=200"min" Final"(60°C)" 1" 1" 10" 100" 1000" Volume'percent'(%)' Size'(µm)' t=70"min" t=100"min" Final"(60°C)" 1" 1" 10" 100" 1000" Volume'percent'(%)' Size'(µm)' t=30"min" t=45"min" Final"(60"°"C)" 1" 1" 10" 100" 1000" Volume'percent'(%)' Size'(µm)' t=0"min" t=50"min" t=90"min" t=130"min" t=175"min" 1" 1" 10" 100" 1000" Volume'percent'(%)' Size'(µm)' t=80"min" t=100"min" Final"(60°C)" 1" 1" 10" 100" 1000" Volume'percent'(%)' Size'(µm)' 1" 1" 10" 100" 1000" Volume'percent'(%)' Size'(µm