, def Simulation ( n , alpha , sigma , X0 , Euler_sub_pas ) : for j in range ( 1 , 1 1 ) : nEuler=n * Euler_sub_pas Xt =

, V=np . random . uniform (?np . p i / 2 , np . p i / 2 ) W= np . random . exponential

. Xt-[-i-]=-xt, ) / nEuler ) +sigma *

, def SDE_Levy ( n , alpha , sigma , X0 , Euler_sub_pas ) : nEuler=n * Euler_sub_pas Xt =

. Xtemp=, * ( Euler_sub_pas +1) for j in range, vol.1

, V=np . random . uniform (?np . p i / 2 , np . p i / 2 ) W= np . random . exponential

, ? alpha ) / alpha ) )

, PYTHON CODE for j in range

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