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, Examples of meshes that can be represented by weighted graphs as their natural representation

, Examples of networks that can be represented by weighted graphs as their natural representation

, The first column presents the original image with the initial markers super-imposed. The second one presents the result of the segmentation via a nonlocal graph

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, The Petersen graph, its adjacency matrix, and its pixel picture

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, The plot of its pixel picture. (c) The corresponding graphon, half-graph of 16 vertices. (b)

, 5 (a) A nearest-neighbour graph with 16 vertices. (b) The plot of its pixel picture. (c) The corresponding graphon, vol.2

, 6 (a) A simple-threshold graph with 16 vertices. (b) The plot of its pixel picture. (c) The corresponding graphon, vol.2

, A realization of the Erdös-Renyi random graph model with p = 0.5. (b) Its pixel picture. (c) The corresponding graphon

, A realization of the uniform attachment graph random model. (b) Its pixel picture. (c) The corresponding graphon

, Its pixel picture. (c) The corresponding graphon

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