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.. .. Composite,

. The-ps10-solar-power-plant and . Solar-sevilla, Spain 2 7 Tank containing the PCM and a section of the material

. .. Simplified-domain-example, 3 9 Empty layer generated by the loss of volume in liquid state

. , An example of a triangular mesh

. , Non-conforming interface passing through unstructured (triangular) mesh

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. Computing-morton-code,

. Computing-morton-code,

. Computing-morton-code,

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, 3D PETSc operator matrix draw. 36128 points, octree level 6, p.36

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, Possible neighbourhood cases through a face, p.39

. , Identifying a configuration

. , Uniform mesh

, A two dimensional nodes centred discretization, p.52

. .. Test-quadtree-configuration, 53 3.4 Uniform mesh configuration. The weights are enumerated following the internal Z-Order of a 0 through faces, then through vertices

. , 62 4.3 Examples of error distribution on a grid corresponding to two different levels. Simple repeat test configuration for each level of refinement

.. .. Diamond,

, Error distribution example. Unbalanced case mesh, p.67

, Error distribution example, level 8, sinus analytical function, p.68

. .. , 69 4.9 Distribution of error on a AMR following a central sphere with radius 0.15

, Section of the domain studying the residual, p.71

. , Distribution of error around and inside the sphere. Tree's levels 9 inside and 6 outside

, Distribution of error around and inside the sphere. Tree's levels 9 inside and 6 outside, p.75

, Zoom of error near the penalized spherical zone, p.76

, Approximated boundary conditions convergence study, p.77

. , Error distribution when Dirichlet condition is imposed on a circle of radius 0

. , Zoom of the error next to the circle

. , 82 4.22 Numerical result obtained on uniform mesh

. , Levels 8 and 9 of the AMR along the mollification with uniform mesh outside at level 7

, Comparison between uniform and AMR resolutions, p.86

, Time comparison for different parallel cases (strong scalability, p.91

, Time partition for a complete execution. 48 cores distributed on 2 nodes. Total execution time 29 sec(s), p.92

, Time comparison for different parallel cases (weak scalability, p.93

, Empty layers generated by the liquid phase, p.98

. , Hybrid media simplified domain

, One dimensional sub-interval containing the fictitious layer, p.99

. .. , 103 5.5 Boundary layer zone behaviour in order with the level of refinement, Double mollified function ?( x) from 1 to 10

, 105 5.7 Numerical domain, host media containing three PCM capsules, p.110

. , Propagation front of temperature u f in time and liquid fraction, vol.113

, Liquid fraction propagation front: three capsules, p.113

, Liquid fraction propagation front: six capsules, p.114

, u f propagation front for three capsules case, p.114

. .. , u f propagation front for six capsules case, p.115

.. .. , 117 List of Tables 4.1 Error norms and order of the scheme. Proof of consistency.. 63 4.2 Error norms and order of the scheme. A second proof of consistency, vol.115

, Error norms and order. Unbalanced mesh, p.67

, Error norms and order. Unbalanced circle mesh, p.68

.. .. Study,

. , Errors of Laplacian resolution AMR in a sphere. Two-dimensional sinus function

. , Errors of Laplacian resolution AMR in a sphere. Three-dimensional sinus function

. , Error norms and order of the scheme

. .. , 80 4.14 Convergence results. Difference between AMR along the mollification and external mesh: five levels, Times

, Convergence results with ? = ?x

). .. , , vol.104