, ProxyComponent/Order"/> 4 <service name="Notify" promote="MonitoringComponent/Notify"/> 5 <reference name="Fetch1" promote="Catalog/Fetch1"/> 6 <reference name="Fetch2" promote="Catalog/Fetch2"/> 7 <reference name="Fetch3" promote="Catalog/Fetch3"/> 8 <reference name="Order" promote="Catalog/Order"/> 9 <reference name="UsersInformation" promote="Catalog/UsersInformation"/> 10 11 <component name="ProxyComponent"> 12 <service name=

, Consult" target="Catalog/Consult"/> 18 <reference name="Order" target="Catalog/Order"/> 19 <reference name="Notify" target="MonitoringComponent/Notify"/> 20 <implementation, </service> 17 <reference name=

. , 84 6.3 Evaluation of the Framework Approach for Building Self-Adaptive Component-based Applications, </component> Evaluation and Validation Contents 6.1 Introduction

. , 89 6.4.2 Reinforcement Learning Parameters Selection for the Learning Efficiency, Evaluation of the Self-adaptive Decision Making Process approach based on Multi-step Reinforcement learning

. .. Synthesis,

. .. Conclusion, 98 this chapter to the evaluation and validation aspects of our contributions presented in Chapters 4 and 5. We make use of the Products Composite application case study, previously described in Section 5.4, to implement and run the experiments. We start by providing implementation details of our contributions in Section 6.2. Afterwards, we introduce the performed evaluations in two steps. In the first step in Section 6.3.1, 7.1 Fulfillment of Contributions Objectives

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