, org. eclipse. paho. client. mqttv3. MqttMessage ; 5 import org. eclipse. rdf4j. model. Model

, 6 import com. grovepi. mqtt. connection. MqttPublisher

, 7 import com. grovepi. physical. sensors. jgrove. grove Button Sensor ; 8 import com. grovepi. semantic. enrichment. SemanticSensor ; 9 import grovepi

, extends Thread { 12 public static void main ( String [] args ) throws Exception { 13 gro veButt onSens or button = new grov eButt onSens or

S. Buttonsensor and =. Semanticsensor, ButtonSensor

. Buttonsensor,

. Mqttpublisher, ButtonClient-Pub " )

, app. runClient (

. Buttonsensor,

, Model result = ButtonSensor. getSensorOutput (

, String resultat = result. toString (

, MqttMessage msg = new MqttMessage ( res. toString (). getBytes (

, wardrobeOpened

, Thread. sleep, 1000.

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