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, Appendix 6: Worldwide species richness maps and plots This appendix contains all the global species richness maps created with the methods

G. Map, Species richness including all the GBIF species with at least 20 cells (no taxonomic filtering). The hotter colours indicate higher species richness. Plot GBIF: Species richness per latitude including all the GBIF species with at least 15

, Map Aves: Species richness including all the GBIF Aves species with at least 20 cells. The hotter colours indicate higher species richness. Plot Aves: Species richness per latitude including all the GBIF Aves species with at 45, vol.30

, Map Insecta: Species richness including all the GBIF Insecta species with at least 20

, Plot Insecta: Species richness per latitude including all the GBIF Insecta species with

, Map Liliopsida: Species richness including all the GBIF Liliopsida species with at least 20 cells. The hotter colours indicate higher species richness. Plot Liliopsida: Species richness per latitude including all the GBIF Liliopsida

, Map Magnoliopsida: Species richness including all the GBIF Magnoliopsida species with at least 20 cells. The hotter colours indicate higher species richness. Plot Magnoliopsida: Species richness per latitude including all the GBIF 45, vol.30

, Map Reptilia: Species richness including all the GBIF Reptilia species with at least 20 cells. The hotter colours indicate higher species richness. Plot Reptilia: Species richness per latitude including all the GBIF Reptilia species 45, vol.30