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V. Int-maxnodes, #INCLUDE "nodes-test-include.occ" PROC sl10(CHAN OF BYTE stdin, stdout, stderr), vol.5053

, CHAN OF diam.proto Px71y10.Px72y10,Px71y10.Px70y11,Px71y10.Px72y11,...:-Channel table declaration for nodes Px59y20.out IS [ Px59y20.Px59y19,Px59y20.Px59y21,Px59y20.Px60y21, p.-

. Px71y10, IS [ Px72y11.Px71y10,Px70y9.Px71y10,Px72y10.Px71y10,... ]:-Program Body [MaxNodes]CHAN OF BYTE toMux: PAR CellNode

. Cellnode,

. Cellnode,

. Cellnode,

. Cellnode,

. Cellnode, , p.-

. Cellnode,

. Cellnode, , p.-

. Cellnode,

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