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, Group practices, n (%) 16 (59.3) 19 (70.4)

, Trainee supervisors * n (%) 19 (70.4) 13 (48.2) Number of patients included, mean (SD) 4

, Trainee supervisors were general practitioners (GPs) involved in teaching, GPs who were university lecturers or those who received students for internship; SD, standard deviation, p.8

, Hypertension, p.72

, Type 2 diabetes, p.22

. Hypercholesterolaemia,

, SF-36 mental health score, mean (SD) 60

, SF-36 physical health score

, Patient adherence, vol.38, pp.46-90

, Patient adherence, vol.3

, Mortality, vol.10115

C. Hospitalisation-for and . Decompensation,

, Hospitalisation not for CHF decompensation

. Hospitalisation,

. Hospitalisation,

, Total number of days of hospitalisation 1037, p.867

, Death or HF hospitalisation

, Number of cardiologist visits/patient, mean (SD) 3.1 (2.2) 3, p.92

, 1 n = 17 missing data for New York Heart Association stage

, 2 n = 20 missing data for body mass index

, 3 n = 13 missing data for adherence. #Additional general practitioner visits (in addition to those dedicated to the study)

, Cumulative number of patients with acute heart failure. 0" 10" 20" 30" 40" 50" 60" 70" 80" 90" 100" M4" M7" M10" M13" M19" Cases, Figure, vol.316

, Evolution of New York Heart Association stages during follow-up. 0" 20" 40" 60" 80" 100" 120" 140, Figure, vol.4

, Pa1ents" I" II" III