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, Appendix 2 Shea butter technical sheet INTEREXPORT SERVICES Fiche technique / Technical specifications Beurre de KARITE raffiné, 2012.

, Reference ies LABO HV014

, Mode Extraction process : Extrait par pression puis raffiné Obtained by pressure and refined Origine / Origin : AFRIQUE / AFRICA Aspect / Appearance : Solid couleur crème/Solid colour cream Nom INCI / INCI name : BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII, p.BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII

N. Cas and . Cas, , pp.194043-92

N. Einecs and . Einecs,

.. Durée-de-vie-recommandée, Shelf life : 2 ans / 2 years CARACTERISTIQUES/CHARACTERISTICS Valeur/Value Indice d'acide / Acid index (mgKOH /g)

P. Indice-de, Peroxide index (méq O 2 /kg)

.. Indice-d-'iode, Iodine value (gI2 /100g), pp.51-72

.. Teneur-en-insaponifiable-/-unsaponifiable-matter,

/. Point-Éclair and P. Flash, °C >290 Point d'ébullition / Boiling point°C >200 Point de fusion / Melting point, .°C 32 -44 COMPOSITION EN ACIDES GRAS/COMPOSITION IN FATTY ACIDS %

/. Acide-laurique and .. Lauric-acid,

/. Acide-myristique and .. Myristic-acid,

/. Acide-palmitique and .. Palmitic-acid, , pp.3-10

/. Acide-stéarique and .. Stearic-acid, , pp.36-50

/. Acide-oléique and .. Oleic-acid, , pp.40-50

/. Acide-linoléique and .. Linoleic-acid, , pp.3-8

/. Acide-linolénique and .. Linolenic-acid,

/. Acide-arachidique and .. Arachidic-acid,

/. Acide-gadoléique and .. Eicosenoic-acid,

/. Acide-béhénique and .. Behenic-acid,

/. Acide-lignocérique and .. Tetracosenoic-acid,

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