, opp_error

, 39 40 string deployment = network->par

, 41 if ( deployment ==, p.42

, 45 } 46 } 47 48 void LinearNoMobilityManager::parseLinearDeployment() { 49 // Pan Coordinator 50 51 if ( index == 0 ) { 52 dimension.x = network->par

, 53 dimension.y = network->par

, 54 dimension.z = network->par

, Random variation in angle and length for each step 57 deltaRotation = par

, 58 deltaLength = par

, Probability for a line to fork (create a new branch) 61 forkProbability = par

, Probability that a new node is off (ie., will be switched on later) 64 offProbability = par

, Probability that a new branch is off (ie., will be switched on later) 67 branchOffProbability = par

, 68 69 minSleepDuration = par

, 70 maxSleepDuration = par

, Initial step size 73 move.x = par

, 74 move.y = 0; 75 move.z = 0

, ========================================================== 18 # Always include the main Castalia.ini file 19 # ========================================================== 20 include ../Parameters/Castalia

, 22 SN.field_x = 4000 # meters 23 SN.field_y = 4000 # meters 24 SN.numNodes = 100 25 SN

S. Node,

S. Node,

S. Node,

S. Node,

S. Node,

, .Radio.RadioParametersFile =

, 39 # lognormal shadowing model parameters 40 SN.wirelessChannel.pathLossExponent = 2

, 43 #Application parameters 44 SN.node

S. Node, , p.3000

S. Node, Application.packetHeaderOverhead = 5, bytes 48 SN.node[0].Application.constantDataPayload = 35, p.49

, Config TopoDisco]

S. Node, Routing.isNetCoord = true # PAN Coordinator 53 SN.node[0].Communication.Routing.isCSink = true # PAN Coordinator 54 SN.node[*].Communication.Routing.helloCycleDelay = 4000 #in msec delay bitween two sent hellos 55 SN.node[*].Communication.Routing.collectSonDelay = 30000 #in msec Time before start STATE Collection phase 56 SN.node[*].Communication.Routing.sonOfferDelay = 3000 #in msec time to collect son's nodes 57 SN.node, Communication.Routing.chalengeResponseDelay = 3000 # in msec msec delay between two sent fatherOffers 59 SN.node[*].Communication.Routing.collectSonRetry = 2 # nbre of time to execute Collecting Son if no received sonOffer 60 SN.node[*].Communication.Routing.maxFatherOfferPacketRetry

S. Node, Communication.Routing.availabilityCoefficient = 2 # Coefficient of Availability Fskip 62 SN.node[*].Communication.Routing.netBufferSize =, p.63

S. Node,

S. Node,

, Config CSMA] 75 include, p.74

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