M. I?, Since Y is connected, there is a path ? n 1 +1 between y 2 and y without points of N . By compactness, there exists z ? ? n 1

C. Therefore-d, Consider finally S the set of equivalence classes on the set of Cauchy sequences of Y for the relation u ? v if and only if d C (u n , v n ) ? 0. Fix?YFix? Fix?Y the equivalence classes of the constant sequences of Y . We have thus proved that S \ ? Y can be indexed by a subset of N Y × [D], where D is the maximal degree of a point of X. By the classical construction of the completion

. Finally, We can define a sequence (? y n ) of Y ? N Y , such that for any n, ? y n = y n if y n ? Y and else?yelse? else?y n = x, where x is the element of N Y naturally associated to y n as in the proof of the second point. Y ? N Y is compact for the topology induced by d as a closed subset of a compact, Therefore, there exists a subsequence

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