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!. Influence, !. Dunedin, and . ). Nouvellemzélande, Mangrove! estuaries! are! highly! dynamic! environments! importing! carbon! originating! from!both!the!watershed!and!the!coastal!ocean!to!the!adjacent!floodplain,!and!exporting!to! the!ocean!a!fraction!of!that!photosynthesised!by!the!surrounding!vegetation.!Mangroves!are! very!productive!ecosystems.!Thus,!they!serve!as!a!nursery!for!a!wide!variety

!. However, !. , !. , !. , and !. Quality, ! are! still! not! fully! understood.! This! work! aims! to! examine! the! carbon! cycle! in! the! main! estuarine! channel! of! the! Can! Gio! mangrove,! located! in! Southern! Vietnam,! along! with! macroscopic! species! connecting! the! mangrove!ecosystem!to!the!coastal!ocean!through!their!movements;!this,!in!order!to!better! understand!the!carbon!budget!of!the!Can!Gio!mangrove,!and!at!a!broader!scale,!of!tropical! mangroves.!Results!presented!in!this!manuscript!are!originating!from!3!sampling!campaigns;! the!first!performed!during!the!dry!season,!along!the!main!estuarine!channel!only;!the!second! achieved!during!the!wet!season,!along!both!the!main!estuarine!channel!and!a!mangrove!tidal! creek;! and! the! last! in! order! to! simulate! in! controlled! conditions! the! fate! of! shrimp! pond! effluents!once!released!in!the!estuary.!Water!column!parameters!were!surveyed!at!different! sites! located! on! the! mangrove! waterways,! each! during! a! complete! tidal! cycle! (24!h),! and! various! macroscopic! species! were! sampled! from! both! the! intertidal! zone! and! the! water! column.!This!study!examines!concomitantly!mineral!forms!of!carbon,!particularly!CO 2 ,!which! plays! a! major! role! in! climate! mitigation;! its! organic! forms

!. Cependant, !. , !. , !. , !. et al., !ainsi!que!les! transformations!qui!s'y!opèrent,!sont!encore!mal!connus

!. Vietnam, !. , !. , !. , !. et al., ! et! plus! largement,! celui! des! mangroves! tropicales.! Les! résultats! présentés! sont! issus! de! 3! campagnes! d'échantillonnage! ;! la! première! en! saison! sèche,! uniquement!le!long!de!l'estuaire!traversant!la!mangrove!;!la!deuxième!en!saison!humide,!le! long!de!l'estuaire!et!dans!un!chenal!de!vidange!;!et!la!dernière!afin!de!simuler!en!laboratoire! le! devenir! d'effluents! crevetticoles! une! fois! rejetés! dans! l'estuaire.! Des! suivis! des! masses! d