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B. Figure, 6 The LTL encoding of ({a, b}, ?) < ({c, d [1,2] }, ?) i |

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B. Figure, 18 The LTL encoding of a =? ({b, c}, ?) < ({x, y [1,2] }, ?) | t in SPOT syntax

B. Figure, 20 The LTL encoding of a < ({b, c}, ?) =? ({x, y}, ?) | t in SPOT syntax

B. Figure, 22 The LTL encoding of a < ({b, c [1,2] }, ?) =? ({x, y}, ?) | t in SPOT syntax

B. Figure, 24 The LTL encoding of ({a, b}, ?) < c =? ({x, y [1,2] }, ?) | t in SPOT syntax

B. Figure, 26 The LTL encoding of ({a, b}, ?) =? c < ({x, y [1,2] }, ?) | t in SPOT syntax

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