. 19-v-o-i-d-nodea, 20 childs [ label ] = end ; 21 } 22 NodeA * NodeA : : get ( i n t label ) { 23 r e t u r n childs [ label ] ; 24 } Complexity Given n values, a base b and if d digits are required for representing the biggest element, the complexity of the radix sort is given by O(d(n + b) In today's computer, the radix sort is often encoded using a base 2 8 = 256, thus since the numbers are encode into 32 or 64 bits, we obtain d = log 64 ) = 8. Thus for sorting n number, it usualy cost 4(n + 256) = 4n + 1024. This complexity implies that the choice of the base depends strongly on the maximal value and on the number of values. Sorting 4 integers encoded in 32 bits is not efficient using a radix sort, but for sorting hundreds or millions of them, the radix sort is recommended, 32 ) = 4 ord = log 256, 2001.

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