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I. Volume-discretization, .. , and T. , Sketch of electromagnetic wave Sketch of material response to electromagnetic ields Divergence corrected Gaussian beam GDM: Timings and speedup for GDM matrix inversion GDM: Timings and speedup for preconditioner recycling Example for nearield, farield spectra and radiation patern (Si-dimer) Sketch of electric polarization as oscillation around nucleus. Schemes of SHG Potentials and resulting forces Spectrum of driven oscillator in anharmonic potential Surface SHG nonlinear polarization from Mie heory SHG simulation surface determination, example: Surface nonlinear polarization for cylindrical and squared silicon nanowires . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... SHG-GDM example: Silicon nano-cuboid . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... SHG-GDM example

.. Leaky-mode-resonances-in-sinws, Scatering and absorption eiciency from Mie-theory and by Nearield enhancement inside

/. Forward and .. Backward-scatering-ratio-in-sinws, Scatering eiciency for long wires of diferent geometry Inluence of substrate on scatering from Characterization of SiNWs by SEM, AFM, DF scatering and Raman spectroscopy .. Experimental setup for nonlinear microscopy Spectra of nonlinear response from Difraction limited line-width of the nonlinear signal from a, SiNW

.. Nwww and N. Nwwww, SHG scan image compared to nearield around SiNW and rasterscan simulation SHG from SiNW with and in absence of resonant modes Scheme: Renormalization of SHG signal SHG polar plots of NWWW, NWWWW and NWWWW, demonstrating the size-dependent lip in SHG polarization Statistics of SHG polarization lip for GDM--D simulations of SHG from tightly focused excitation of SiNWs NWWWW GDM simulation of polarization iltered farield intensity distribution for the diferent SHG contributions Efective nonlinear dipoles in SiNW for considerations on eiciency of farield radiation Ratio of bulk and surface farield-SHG for SiNW as function of the collecting numerical aperture Illustration of the principle of evolutionary optimization Fitness vs. measured SHG intensity for consecutive generations, Probing intermediate states in the nonlinear signal: SiNW vs Nonlinear response: Proiles of rasterscans along SiNW axis Scheme of the EO structure model Evolutionary optimization of Si nanostructure for ? Sketch of plasmonic structure model and directionality problem . . . . . . . . . .. Directional EO: population itness during evolution . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Selected iterations of evolutionary optimization of directional scatering . . . . . .. Analysis of directional antenna found by

.. De-si, S. Illustrations-de, T. , T. , F. Nanoils-de-si et al., Réponse électromagnétique d'un nano-objet et discrétisation en volume Spectre de Fourier d'une oscillation pilotée dans un potentiel anharmonique Resonances de mode " Leaky Characterisation de nanoils par microscopie à force atomique et optiquement par spectroscopie en champ sombre, Champs magnétiques et chaleur dans nanoparticules de métal et de diélectriques. Image DF de nanoils Procédure de simulation Spectres de l'émission non-linéaire d'un nanoil de Si . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. SHG depuis deux nanoils de Si: Sans et avec résonance optique

N. , N. Nwwww-de-la-taille-du-nanoil, and .. , La polarisation de SHG se retourne en dépendance Schéma illustrant le principe d'optimisation évolutionniste Itérations d'optimisation de nano-antenne directionnelle

C. Shg-gdm-example and .. , Incident polarization dependence of surface SHG from silicon nanowires

D. Shg, D. Lithographic-sinws, . Shg, . Composed, and .. Short-sinws, List of Tables SiNW nonlinear rasterscan proile widths Results of autocorrelation measurements ? colorilters Results of autocorrelation measurements ? monochromator Comparison of SHG intensity SiNW vs. bulk materials List of Publications Peer-Reviewed Publications In the Context of this Thesis, Diameters of SiNW on samples Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimisation of Colour Pixels based on Dielectric Nano-Antennas " . Nature Nanotechnology

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