{. and {. Eq, In turn, it is translated into the concrete query: $or: [{"lastname

R. Field-alternative-",., <JP>, <cond>) ? OR(trans(<JP:F>.p<JP>, <cond>), trans(<JP:F>.q<JP>, <cond>), ...) (b) trans(<JP:F>[i,j, <JP>, <cond>) ? OR(trans(<JP:F>.i<JP>, <cond>), trans(<JP:F>.j<JP>, <cond>)

R. and R. Field, 0) trans([?(@.level=="beginner" && @.score>=3 && @.isPlayer<>@.isGoal)].name, equals

R. and R. Field, ELEMMATCH( FIELD(name) COND(equals, transJS([?(@.level=="beginner" && @.score>=3 && @.isPlayer<>@

J. and J. Field, ELEMMATCH( FIELD(name) COND(equals, AND( COMPARE(level, == AND( COMPARE(@.score NOT_SUPPORTED ) )

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