, +$, vol.60789

&. %&amp;-;-*!+, 012$34561%'!78)09*:;'-/'<"3=">')887?),!'@/'?"2$5&'A)*!'-/'AB2C#%')??)

*. S&amp;%&apos;9==$q%&amp;4&quot;&gt;%&apos;l&apos;+*, , p.7

, @J'8"K52"45$2%'Q%'D=$%&=%3'Q%'>

. %22%&apos;l&apos;*?,

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. +&amp;4%24$q&quot;&gt;&apos;!7,

. $=&quot;&gt;&apos;&quot;&amp;q&apos;&gt;&quot;&amp;q&apos;q%p%&gt;56#%&amp;4&apos;6g2653%3^&apos;b5a%p%2, QG%'45' 41%'=1"2"=4%2$34$=3'5`'41$3'%&P$25&#%&4

$. S1j2%35&gt;g4$5&amp;-&apos;!,

$. &amp;s, $3'#%415Q'5&'"'K%"=1'5`')K%2'R%&5$4'dW2"&=%e'KY'2%=52Q

&. Ky, & '$&Q%6%&Q%&4' !(<D'625`$>%/'1"3

*. and $. ,

+. Ab$&quot; and . =+,

$. %&amp;4$`$=/-;-$=-&apos;-&quot;&amp;q-&apos;-&amp;, 4G2"> ' 1"V"2Q ' 6G2653%Q^' I!' #52615>5SY'2%34$4G4$5&'$3'=1">>%&S$&S^''W52'%

. 565s2&quot;61y-&apos;-2%34$4g4$5&amp;, &Q ' %P5>G4$5& ' $3 ' 5&% ' 5`' 41% ' f%Y' 6"2"#%4%2'5`'41$3'#5&$452$&S^'h@i 05"34

$. Q%-&apos;-&quot;&amp;q-&apos;-4%22%342$&quot;&gt;-&apos;-#%&quot;3g2%#%&amp;43-&apos;-2%&quot;&gt;$ and . V%q,

. Aba$!cde$fcg;$h;feigj-&apos;,

&. K%%&amp;&apos;p&quot;&gt;$q, 4%Q'5&'K541'2$P%23'h\i'"&Q'3%"'hIi^'b5a%P%2' =">$K2"4$5&3

&. #g#,

B. Nu=#eâ and . &amp;s, 41%'>5a'4$Q%/'K%"=1'4565S2"61Y'="&'K%'#%"3G2%Q' a$41'"'!(<D'hMi^'b5a%P%2/'45'5K4"$&'"'3"4$3`Y$&S'62%=$3$5&/' 41%'65$&43'#G34 'K%'#%"3G2%Q'QG2$&S'"'`%a'3%=5&Q3/'a1$=1' 2%QG=%3'41%'&G#K%2'5`'65$&43'a1$=1'="&'K%'"=FG$2%Q'QG2$&S' 41%'>5a'4$Q%^

, 1% ' 62$&=$6>% ' 5`' 41$3' 4%=1&$FG%'$3'Q%4"$>%Q 'KY'R25=f'%4, >^'hOi^

. 1%&apos;2%35&gt;g4$5&amp;&apos;$3&apos;-&gt;$#$4%q-&apos;-ky-&apos;-&gt;&quot;3%2-&apos;-6g&gt;3%-;-$&amp;43/-&apos;-a1$=1-&apos;-&quot;2%-&apos;-4y6$=&quot;&gt;&gt;y-&apos;--&apos;-#&apos;-&gt;&quot;2s%&apos;hti, &Q'1"3'"'P%24$=">'62%=$3$5&'5`'"'`%a'=%&4$#%4%23^' W$&">>Y/ ' 34GQ$%3 ' K"3%Q ' 5& ' 61545S2"##%42Y ' 1"P% ' K%%&' 2%">$V%Q ' 45 ' Q%2$P% ' G&Q%2a"4%2 ' !7?^'

$. Feig,

$. #%, %FG">'%>%P"4$5&^'b5a%P%2/'41%'a"4%2' 1%$S14 ' P"2$%3 ' a$41 ' 4$#% '`5>>5a$&S ' 41% ' 4$Q%^' D4"=f$&S' a"4%2>$&%3'="&'=5&3%FG%&4>Y'625P$Q%'"'!7?'5`'41%'$&4%24$Q">' V5&%^h--i +&'41$3'6"6%2/'a%'62%3%&4

. Kba-$-4if,

. 9fc8o-$-ip-$-fe,

. 7h8o-$-c9p787,

G. Fe,

$. L8f;7oc9;$-g;f;, , p.9

, 34'$3'=>%"2>Y'P$3$K>%^'+&Q%%Q/'`52'"' K>"=fK5QY/'41%'>G#$&"&=% '9' $3'Q%6%&Q%&4'5`'412%%'P"2$"K>%3]' 41%'4%#6%2"4G2% '!/'41%'%#$33$P$4Y '?' "&Q'41%'$&=$Q%&4'%&%2SY' 6%&2%0"&,^9 ':'6;<'k'?d?! \ eld, Q$34$&SG$31 ' 41% ' a"4%2 ' K5QY'`25#' 41% '4$Q"> '`>"4^' 9& ' 41%2#">' $&`2"2%Q'$#"S%3/'41%'=5&42

$. &amp;s&apos;3g&amp;&amp;y&apos;362 and $. &amp;s&apos;q&quot;y4$#%3,

, 3%'Q5a&'45'U^ON'a1%2%"3' 3"&Q ' %#$33$P$4Y ' 2%#"$&3 ' =5&34"&4 ' d"25G&Q ' U^TXe^' ;1%' G&=>5GQ%Q'"4#5361%2%'1"3, 1% ' %#$33$P$4Y ' =5&42"34 ' ="& ' K% ' $#6524"&4 '`52 ' 5K>$FG%' $&=$Q%&4'2"Y3^'D5K2$&5'h-@i'65$&4%Q'5G4'41"4'`52'P%2Y'5K>$FG%' "&S>%3/'a"4%2'%#$33$P$4Y'="&'Q%=2%"

. 1%y&apos;6%2`52#%q&apos;&quot;&apos;-u#&apos;p%24$=&quot;&gt;&apos;, ==G2"=Y'!7?'`25#'@O' $#"S%3'$&=>GQ$&S'8"&Q3"4 '&%"2'$&`2"2%Q' Q"4" 'h-\i'5&

L. Fe,

$. Feig-d5,

$. #%-&apos;-=&quot;&amp;-;-$&amp;%3-&apos;-$#&quot;s$&amp;s,

, &=% '`25# ' 41% ' 3%&352 ' 45 ' 41% ' 3=%&%

L. Fe,

$. Feig,

. Mb$.&amp;1&apos;*%&amp;&apos;$-&amp;/&quot;=&amp;&apos;$r$&apos;+*-?$1%&amp;1$r$-1+1$-4%,

. Mba$+e,

$. Fe;7h8o$, , vol.78, p.8

$. =4g2%&apos;=&quot;&amp;&apos;k%&apos;%,

. Bk$+e;$fcg8o$d8sd,

M. ,

W. S^&apos;@e^, #6>% ' 41% ' <2"4J)2J05G# '`$31J65&Q3e/ ' "&Q' 3%P%2">'34GQ$%3'5&'5Y34%23'1"P%'K%%&'="22$%Q'5G4'h-N/'-Mi^'!G%' 45'41%'a%"f'2"4%'5`'`>5a'5

. 2%s&gt;5&amp;5g&apos;k2$qs%&apos;&gt;5=, 4%Q'5&' 41%'25"Q':!'@O^'+4'$3'41%'>"34'K2$QS%'5P%2'41%')K%2'R%&5$4' O^Nf#

, 1%'Q$34"&=%'`25#'41%'3%&352'2"&S%3' K%4a%%&'-N'"&Q'IU#^'05&3%FG%&4>Y

$. Q%,

, 34'a"3'=>%"2>Y'P$3$K>%M BU$-&.$;VF78:FCI9 +& ' 52Q%2 ' 45 ' 3%6"2"4% ' 41% ' 3152% '`25# ' 41% ' a"4%2/ ' a%' Q%`$&%Q'"'=G45``'%#$33$5&, 1% ' 3fY ' a"3 ' =5#6>%4%>Y '`2%% ' 5`' =>5GQ3/ ' 35 ' 41%' %#$33$P$4Y'=5&42

, $3'FG$4%'$&3%&3$4$P%'45'41%'=15$=%'5`'41%'=G45

, 52'3"&Q'"&Q'a"4%2'%#$33$5&3^' ,%P%241%>%33'=1553$&S'"'1$S1%2'52'"'>5a%2'=G45``'%#$33$5&' a5G>Q'3$#6>Y'42"&3>"4%'41%'!7?'5

$. &amp;43-&apos;-5&amp;-&apos;-k541-&apos;-564$=&quot;&gt;-&apos;-&quot;&amp;q-&apos;-41%2#&quot;&gt;-&apos;-$#,

G. C9p787,

. G$ch8d,

J. Infc, , pp.8-8

B. ,

$. Fi$fe,

$. Fe,

$. Fe,

$. Lcgfe$ip$fe;$ch8d,

$. Q87c,

J. Fe,

$. Fe,

$. Finb$+e;$e,

. Cdef$ip$fe;$ch8d,

$. Cj$zhb$-0i7$fe;$infc:8o$ch8d;y$, , pp.9-16

, J$, vol.87

$. Kb,

. Ub$%&amp;&apos;*)+&apos;,

&. &amp;s, 1%'P">$Q"4$5&'5`'5G2'!7?'1"3

O. ,

G. ,

$. /&apos;-a%-&apos;-34gq$%q-&apos;-&quot;-&apos;-&gt;$44&gt;%-&apos;-=1&quot;&amp;&amp;%&gt;-&apos;`&gt;5a and . &amp;s-&apos;-$&amp;-&apos;-41%-&apos;-k$s-&apos;-5&amp;%^, +& ' 41%' 3%2$%3 ' 5`' 42"&3%=43 ' 5`' W$S^' N/ ' a% ' 3%% ' 41"4 ' 41% ' ="#%2" ' ="&' 2%=5&342G=4'Q%4"$>3'5`'>%33'41"&'-=#'Q%641, +&'52Q%2'45'$>>G342"4%'41%'>$#$4'2%35>G4$5&'5`'5G2'#%415Q

. 1%&apos;#&quot;$&amp;&apos;&gt;$#$,

$. S143-&apos;-3g=1,

, 1%'!7?'5K4"$&%Q''KY'41$3'4%=1&$FG%'1"P%'"'2%35>G4$5&' K%44%2'41

, D5=$%4Y/'@UUU^'-X41'05&`%2%&=%'05"343'"4'41%' ?$>>%&&$G#/'TJ-@'gG>Y'@UUU/'<524>"&Q/'92%S5&/'&^6@^R

. G4&gt;%2/&apos;!^:^&apos;, &Q'D^A^'c">31, %2$,%3&'3

*. ,

$. and %. ,

*. , -. , and &. 3b$#01, #%, F)

. #30=2,1&apos;$&amp;0&apos;.$#*,

$. &amp;&amp;&quot;.&apos;g$,

#. %&amp;*&apos;23&amp;, 6^'-XUNJ-X@NN^? "2f3/'m^?^'"&Q'c^b^W^'D#$41/'?&'=&2"#,$%&,4'(30". ' /3#'0"")'32"$&'1%&*, $,/3#(@'7"241'DG2`"=%'<25=%33%3' "&Q'8"&Q`52#3/'@UUX^'MKd

E. , &. H%2&apos;lm#&quot;1, J. O#&quot;p&gt;&apos;q=$&amp;0&apos;.$-&apos;-#-;-/3&amp;0$-;-&amp;, and $. ,

%. 15#3/&apos;&quot;&amp;q&apos;?^&apos; and . P%/-;-$#%13&amp;,

/. and $. ,

$. , $. @uut^&apos;a^\dij\e, and ]. @xuô^r,

. *#$, %2'($))"#'.%0$#'1=#7

%. &. $&amp;*&quot;1&apos;/3#&apos; and . &amp;0&apos;$#,

$. and &. ,

&. =#$, #%, &,1@')66>$%Q'964$=3/' -TTT^'M_d-Oe]'6^'ITI-JITIM-I^:YG/'A^b^/'A^D^'c5&

. $&amp;*,

]. D=$%&amp;=%/&apos;@uuo^&apos;z_d\e and . &gt;k&quot;/&apos;a^/&apos;%4, 2,%3&'3&'23&0%,%3&%&*+'3324," ' )#30=2,%3&+'$&0'.$#7$, vol.3301, p.32

$. &amp;s, %35G2=%3/'@UUN^'A_d-e]'6^'INJ\I^

!. %&amp;&apos;$-!&quot;#$%&amp;&apos;$-&quot;#$%&amp;#!&apos;#-;-*!)&apos;!+), #. , and !. , , p.5

. *+,-./*-.#&apos;%01$, , vol.0

. *+,-./*-.#&apos;%01$, , vol.0

, &)3! -#(*&45! C%+#A#27! &4)'! 341213&#2)'&)3! -#(*&4!, #8)(#!)&'!'31-#!9)&'!341213&#2)'&)3!-#(*&4@7!)&'!*#%$#&2.!9(1$#-.!&4#!4#)*4&P+),&4!21&)%@!1(,!)&'!*#, p.5

!. +4#2#!!!,

. %&apos;-&apos;(-&apos;*-%-k,

Y. ,

!. &lt;7, =>05#-6#1;2#-6#+?5#(-2)

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, 898+!2)('+'11'230+)3+2,/03)/3+0(,$' :%-+

. +&lt;!&lt;e-0,

, #?5%9?+#.2)# B%)+?I ! ! E4#(! &4#! '31-#! A12)#'!

!. #32#1&apos;#!-%8!-&amp;#$0#21&amp;/2#!, , p.8

!. &amp;4, , p.4

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, &)3! X),)2#3&)%(1-! "#8-#3&)%(!V, 17!657!_/'4D)(7!F57!c)--#'0)#7!F57!Zde#1-7!_57!^)#&2%7!f5!1(,!X1-)3D7!f5!g"%/*4(#''!#88#3&'!%(!'/BI0)H#-!21,)1(&! &#$0#21&/2#'!)(!D)(#&), p.31

, 35=-+5#!52"%297!U>>h5

. Lum!!!v#-b%7!_5!5+#, 0'!gQ4#2$1-!)(#2&)1!%8!(#12IS12&4!1'&#2%), !)$0-)31&)%('!8%2!&4#!$1*()&/,#!%8!&4#!i12D%A'D.!#88#3&7g!4

. L=m!!!s,

, LKM!!!C#34&7!Y5!gY2##Y#$ll!9Q4)2,!S,)&)%(7!]#2')%(!=5:IO@g7!f1B%21&%)2#!k13N/#'If%/)'!f)%('7!m()A#2')&n!^)#22#!#&!_12)#!\/2)#7! 12)'7!U>O>5

M. W0#, 3#27!k57!^#12-7!k5!1(,!W#*/217!_5!gQ4#2$1-!)(#2&)1!1

, !%8!'04#2)31-!012&)3-#'7g!42);"+1%.0#N#<29%2551%29# :?5=%"+1C#$;2), =52+.0"!=<=7!O`h=7!005!O=hIIOK=5 L:M!!!_#--%(7!_57!k1D%'D.7!X57!J)#88#27!C5!1(,!\42)'&#('#(7!^5!gC)*4I2#'%-/&)%(!&4#2$1-!)(#2&)1!$100

. Lbm!!!_/&apos;4d, !F5!1(,!c)--#'0)#7!F5!gS'&)$1&)(*!'/BI0)H#-!'/2813#!2%/*4

L. &amp;g, 7!e5!S5!1(,!_#--%(7!_5!Q5!gF0012#(&!&4#2$1-!)(#2&)1!1(,!&4#!'/2813#!4#&#2%*#(#)&.!%8!_12'7g!4

, LO>M!!!W34-)34&)(*7!C5!ooX%

!. F&amp;!-&amp;4,

, !&4#!100-)#,!4#1&!8-/H!)'!'&2)3&-.!')(/'%),1-7!&4#!21&)%!

, Q4)'!0121$#&#2!)'!31--#,!p&4#2$1-!)(#2&)1q7!)

, Q4#2$1-!)(8212#,!')*(1

:. H+-#+, 5#056+IL# !?.)-B%29#5665(+ :%-+?<#H+-#+?5#1%9?+IL# 42+5115605(+%-2#5665

, ?# )5>%(+"#.#O.1"#(1.+51#B%+?#=.+51%.0#-6# ?%9?#+?51=.0#%251+%.#-2#%+"#60--1 #H61-=#TUVI !"#$%&#$0-B(?.1+#-6#95-0-9%(.0#>1->51+%5"#15+1%5E.0#61-=# +?51=.0#%261.15)#15=

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#. #fa, , p.5

+. , #B5"+I Y%2! 8-1&! '/2813#'7! 8)*/2#! h !'4%+'! 1!

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