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. Nrj_moy_yag, . Nrj_moy_tri_yag, . Ec_moy_yag, . Ec_moy_tri_yag, . Nrj_moy_insta_yag et al., *double(IMG_MOY_BRUT_EX), INDEX_tri_yag]=func_NRJ_var_BG([dossier_yag ndf_short_yag IMG_EX_MOY_interm=mat_poly_ex, p.100010009001000

. Profil_nappe_moy=zeros, 1); for j=1:851 for i=151, p.160

%. %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%-%a-partir-du, nombre de pixels pour chaque profil %on échantillonne le profil original (profil1, en x=200) sur ce nombre de A.4. CODES MATLAB dlmwrite([dossier_yag '\' 'MOYENNE_Norm_' ndf_short_yag '_1

E. Sur-l-'imagerie, . Par, . De, . Plane:-mesure, . De et al., *omega; %coll freq (molec/cm^3-s) kcoll=Z15)); %coll par molecule d'acetone A.6 Figure 220 -Gain equal to 200, time integration equal to 80 ns, flow at 100 °C. Figure 1a (top left) shows averaged (150 images) post-processed image without median and Wiener filters applied. Figure 1b (top right) shows same image with applied filters, Median filter 5x5 and Wiener 9x9). Figure 2a and 2b (below, respectively on the left and on the right) represent the same difference for an instantaneous image from the batch. Scale in levels on a 16bits range