P. Readbadowner, F {D}, s ?OwnerCheck a False THROW OwnerMismatch, s WriteNull P, w ? null.F {D} := Val vs, s ?Silent THROW NullPointer

P. Writebadowner and ?. A. {d}, (h, l) ?OwnerCheck a False THROW OwnerMismatch, s CallNull P, w ? null.M (map Val vs), s ?Silent THROW NullPointer

P. Thrownull and ?. , throw null, s ?Silent THROW NullPointer, s Figure 2.3: Siaam Exceptional expression reduction CastT P, w ? Cast C throw e, s ?Silent throw e, s

P. Storet and ?. , = throw e, s ?Silent throw e, s

P. Writert and V. V. {d}, = throw e, s ?Silent throw e, s

P. Boprt and ?. , Val v ?bop? throw e, s ?Silent throw e, s

P. Vardeclt and ?. , {V : T ; Throw a}, s ?Silent Throw a

P. Vardeft and ?. , {V : T ; V := Val v; Throw a}, s ?Silent Throw a

P. Callt, M (es), s ?Silent throw e, s

P. Argst, M (map Val vs @ (throw e · es ? )), s ?Silent throw e, s Throw P, w ? throw e; e2 , s ?Silent throw e, s

P. Throwt and ?. , throw throw e, s ?Silent throw e, s Figure 2.4: Exception propagation ANNEXE C. ABSTRACTS in a state-of-the-art Java virtual-machine and a set of custom static analyses automatically reduce the runtime overhead

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