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. Dipl and . Ing, FH (equivalent to a bachelor's degree) in Computer Science, University of Applied Sciences, Biel, Switzerland Master Thesis Title Displacement Vector Field Regularization for Modelling of Soft Tissue Deformations

P. D. Supervisors-claude-fuhrer, Jean-Paul Dubois Description Development of a 3D simulation software for Lego Mindstorms robots. The user can run the same Java program on the simulation software and the real robot to conduct experiments

T. , G. , and I. June, MICCAI (oral presentation acceptance rate 4 819 papers were submitted to the conference February 2011 SPIE Medical Imaging (Image Processing, Oral Podium Presentations at International Scientific Conferences 3D Physiological Human, Zermatt, Switzerland Poster Presentations at International Scientific Conferences October 2012 MICCAI (poster acceptance rate 32%), 2008.

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S. Zürich, Presentation of 4 lessons on shape representation Past Student Supervision Bachelor Thesis in Development of a C++ Interface for R Industrial Experience Abroad year) Internship in Software Engineering, Oridus Inc., Silicon Valley, ETH months) Software Engineer (part time 45%), ISS AG months) Software Engineer (part time 55%), MEM Research Center months) Consultant, 2003.