+. and !. C. <1, 5#! 67! #5$! 22, 4>5?#!67!"#5@!22'(7!"5>!189!/,3!A.=<'2135JB1!<1&+3)1!G/&!:)<+-+13!=0!-1NO*P%;!4$Q"9!2+K*)<15!JB1!31&+<13!:<'3), p.61, 1897.

!. !. Aa, 1+'2'131<"3! AA'(0! +,! *'()6,6!, *)B6! IC&! -+(*6B62! C,2! *56! &'(M6,*&! I6B6! B6A'M62! ),26B! MCD))A<! L56!, 1456.

!. C&-!-c and !. '. , 882649:2;<, 3<>!.K0@!""><[@!"G><>@!"G$<E@!"G#<$@!"==<;@!"3G<$!.K0@!">#<G!.K0<! ! 6>2#?>@/=!A\:!V!G>"<"!PO1UQ! !2, pp.56722-132

P. *. , &. , H. *. +g-!-'-!-g91+-'-9sn+-"-o-!-0, and H. *. , !34@I!05, &J,29! 34$E! 056! 474$! 00&)6! 47I! 9!B<"V;6!E78L!3(6!4<6![J;6!$7#L! OTBS Chemical Formula: C 21 H 32 OSi Molecular Weight: 328,56 %&'$()*+,#*%),-,./*#)$%, p.21430000

D. !. 7#, DCL!;Q4I?!#"DC=!;Q4I?!#L#CK!;Q4I?!#L, B8 =>?8 !E78 ><A38 BCB1#7#-6#2#(6#$#HI, pp.2-5

!. 0. #m, 1*0! %b[UH! KB[?!Kc?!"=Bd#B''e!G7)1*0E!%H"FO1HM!<LF8?!!#B!'ZF'3*?!#BB!5, 317+I!&6!041!+1.3/1+!(/&+)20!4C!N1++?!#M?!1!A!8C=!MP?!1!A!KCL!MP?!H%MI?!8CL!;LM?!Q4I?!8C$!;"M?!Q4IC!! !, pp.3032-3039

;. 345@, J<K8!69;!"B;! W3@<!! ! 1( :'456'72>'53?9', !,$(+5Y!"7T<8J-7<!! ! B4=!-8K-<8!6AVAB%3@;! >==7<J!6AVA!%3@;!>>XT<J!6A.O@;!>>KT<"!6A.O@<!! ! !"#$%&'!C0)D)%#, pp.2-3

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D. $. Nhgpig, TP!1,M!I#:I!TWP!1,M!I:V!TWP!0, E02JP! II9:F! E,T"MJP! I"":O! E02JP! I"V:"! EQ3JP! I"V:9! EQ3JP! INI:F! EQ3JP! IN#:V! E,TMJP! IOF:"!E02J:! # "$%4#'546

$. %. , !. *. , !. , and 1e. *. 2%, C#!084!+'!&??1?6!$21!/1&5*+%,!+'!;)1,521?, +1,GKG%,1!.C6>!L9!C#!00%(9! C!1+5&*+%,6! ! " #!$%&!'())%#*+!!U!C#6>!<W9! I<"49!"6K#!.??9!"<9!1!U!:6>!<W9!!1!U!C#6>!<W9!I<"49!>6C:!.09!K<9!UI<"49!>6V#!.09!"<9!UI<46! ! ! 2+3456789:;.4<4''9=6789:;.>6.;.089:;?;.0:8@9A4"+34568?4<4B.!'C30! ! !

!. #+#&-!-$-23 and !. F. , C89:-9, )!*!L)!2,]![+%!LN)!2!]!*+%!LN)!R30+! ! $: A8 <=>8 !ABA.:@8 FG8 =8L7M)L)(8!$9&L"8 ! ! ! $9:L!$%*!'()!&+! $:-E'86:)! .-E:6D!W! 5.4DXQDKR9! B%X%0! D5.! 43,;E9D! 8F! ,2D:86.;!:F!:6!(.!,8-!$C&!'()!78.-;!W!^BZ0+! !, p.4576

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