!. and $. +56-!-"-#-$-%-7, 89:;$< 7:;$%9:;$< 7:;$%9

. Ids-r, IDS s)x100ns, IDS s)x100ns // * Node's jitter when sending frame (node 1,..., node n) x 100ns // Nodes description parameters, latency (node 1,., n) x 100ns between frames // * UPDATE node required time between SoC and PReq // * UPDATE RMN necessary time between PReq reception and PRes emission // * UPDATE AMN necessary time between PRes reception and PReq emission // * UPDATE AMN necessary time between PRes reception and PRes emission // * UPDATE AMN necessary time between PRes reception and SoA emission // * UPDATE node necessary time between SoA and Asnd emission, UPDATE Allowed delay (node 1,., n) x 100ns between PReq and suitable PRes UPDATE Allowed delay (node 1,., n) x 100ns between SoA and ASnd // * UPDATE Configured EPL cycle time x 100nsUPDATE Number of PRes in the cycle. 1 PRes per SMN

E. Message, I. Soc, /. Epl-message, I. Preq, /. Epl-message et al., Number of message types // building of Message ID type, Synchronisation between Nodes and IDS, for frame emission or transmition // Synchronisation between nodes and their Link Selector

E. Of, . Of, . Ids, and . Comments, If sender is a LS and considered ID is owned by an IDS // If considered ID also synchronizes with sender // considered ID is not synchronizing with me for a moment // synchronization is prevented to go back to sender // sender won't ear my next synchronization // Copy frame parameters from IDS or LS emitting the event // Modify who is allowed to synchonize with IDS to previous values

E. Of, . Of, . Ls, and . Comments, Updates LS+node parameters on frame event synchronisation // Copy frame parameters from IDS emitting the event // store active port

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