. Activeverbform, CanonicalNominalObject] l3:marie(m)[ProperName]

J. and M. Marie-est-aimé-de-jean-b, l1:le(c)[Det] l1:chien(c)[Noun] l2:dormir(e1,c)[RelativeSubject] l3:ronfle(e2,c)

. Le-chien-qui-dort-ronfle-le-chien-qui-ronfle-dort-c, jean(j)[ProperName] l2:promettre(e1,j,m,e2)[CanonicalNominalSubject, ActiveVerbForm, CompletiveObject] l3:marie(m)[ProperName] l4:partir(e2,j)[InfinitivalVerb] Jean prometàprometà Marie de partir Jean prometàprometà Marie qu'il partira Jean doit partir/*C'est Jean il faut que qui part " Sometimes overgeneration will only occur with some of a family's trees, this case the third line of the sr-item indicates which are those trees and their distinguishing properties (i.e. the properties that always result in overgeneration)

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