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[hal-01695032] Thermal bath Engineering for Swift Equilibration  (19/04/18)  
We propose a new protocol that ensures the fast equilibration of an overdamped harmonic oscillator by a joint time-engineering of the confinement strength and of the effective temperature of the thermal bath. We demonstrate experimentally the effectiveness of our protocol with an optically trapped Brownian particle and report an equilibrium recovering time reduced by about two orders of magnitude compared to the natural relaxation time. Our scheme paves the way towards reservoir engineering in nano-systems.

[hal-01657326] Invariant-Based Inverse Engineering of Crane Control Parameters  (11/01/18)  
[hal-01657249] Reverse engineering protocols for controlling spin dynamics  (11/01/18)  
[hal-01634474] Restoring quasireversibility with a single topological charge  (27/03/18)  
[hal-01630725] Shortcut to adiabaticity in a Stern-Gerlach apparatus  (11/01/18)  
[hal-01592624] Kapitza stabilization of a repulsive Bose-Einstein condensate in an oscillating optical lattice  (05/03/18)  
[tel-01588809] Dynamique hors équilibre d'un condensat de Bose-Einstein dans un réseau dépendant du temps  (11/01/18)  
[hal-01513049] Coherent backscattering and forward-scattering peaks in the quantum kicked rotor  (12/01/18)  
[hal-01449645] Chaotic dynamics and fractal structures in experiments with cold atoms  (11/01/18)  
[hal-01428220] Fast driving between arbitrary states of a quantum particle by trap deformation  (11/01/18)