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[hal-03346646] Functionnectome as a framework to analyse the contribution of brain circuits to fMRI.

In recent years, the field of functional neuroimaging has moved away from a pure localisationist approach of isolated functional brain regions to a more integrated view of these regions within functional networks. However, the methods used to investigate functional networks rely on local signals in grey matter and are limited in identifying anatomical circuitries supporting the interaction between brain regions. Mapping the brain circuits mediating the functional signal between brain regions would propel our understanding of the brain's functional signatures and dysfunctions. We developed a method to unravel the relationship between brain circuits and functions: The Functionnectome. The Functionnectome combines the functional signal from fMRI with white matter circuits' anatomy to unlock and chart the first maps of functional white matter. To showcase this method's versatility, we provide the first functional white matter maps revealing the joint contribution of connected areas to motor, working memory, and language functions. The Functionnectome comes with an open-source companion software and opens new avenues into studying functional networks by applying the method to already existing datasets and beyond task fMRI.

[hal-03346909] Novel characterization of the relationship between verbal list‐learning outcomes and hippocampal subfields in healthy adults.


[hal-03337960] Novel characterization of the relationship between verbal list‐learning outcomes and hippocampal subfields in healthy adults


[hal-03346941] The MRi-Share database: brain imaging in a cross-sectional cohort of 1,870 university students.


[hal-03346557] Filtering in tractography using autoencoders (FINTA)


[hal-03242838] The Role of White Matter Disconnection in the Symptoms Relating to the Anarchic Hand Syndrome: A Single Case Study


[hal-03345943] The inferior fronto-occipital fascicle: a century of controversies from anatomy theaters to operative neurosurgery.


[hal-03224904] Hodology of the superior longitudinal system of the human brain: a historical perspective, the current controversies, and a proposal


[hal-03225523] Hierarchical microstructure informed tractography


[hal-03101306] Neural support of manual preference revealed by BOLD variations during right and left finger-tapping in a sample of 287 healthy adults balanced for handedness




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