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Gravitational waves Galaxy Gamma-ray burst general Spin Long-lived Cosmological model Experiments in gravity General relativity Automatic Keywords Data analysis method Laser bi-Fréquence Fiber laser Bayesian ANTARES Hubble constant Dark energy Active imaging Density fluctuation Detector sensitivity Dual-frequency Neutrino Detector performance GLAST VIRGO Gravitational radiation detector Efficiency Cosmic rays Galaxy binary Dark matter density Electromagnetic field production Localization Binary compact Binaries general Optical Semiconductor lasers Supernova Black hole binary Laser à fibre Neutrinos Laser dynamics Redshift Messenger Equation of state Magnetar Detector network Gamma ray burst Electromagnetic Optical feedback Binary coalescence Dual-polarization Alternative theories of gravity Numerical calculations Lasers Binary mass Radio frequency photonics Black hole Neutron star binary Black hole primordial Infrared Higher-dimensional Gravitational radiation emission Stars neutron Methods data analysis Black hole binary coalescence Capture Polarimetric imaging LIGO Noise VECSEL Angular momentum Black hole formation Gravitation and Astrophysics Vertical External Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers Mass ratio Interferometer Microwave photonics Black hole mass Cosmic string Dynamique des lasers Gravitation Gravitational radiation Gravitational radiation frequency Gravitational radiation energy Mass spectrum Mass solar Asymmetry IceCube Linewidth Neutron star spin Cosmology Black hole spin Rotation Neutron star binary coalescence Semiconductor disk laser Gravitational radiation polarization Numerical methods Sensitivity Gravitational radiation direct detection Energy density Neutron star