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 Conception et commande de robots pour la manipulation

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Testbed Cable tension control Balance recovery Underactuated mechanical systems Trajectory tracking Exoskeletons Modélisation Children Motion compensation Robots Parallel Robots Cable-driven parallel robots Stability analysis Robustness Telesurgery Parallel robots Cable-Driven Parallel Robot Robotic hand Multiobjective optimization Dynamic model FES CubeSat Parallel manipulators Underwater vehicle Analyse de stabilité Stabilization Cables Underactuation Anti-windup Adaptive control Energy consumption Disturbance rejection Mobile communication Inertia wheel inverted pendulum Dynamics Needle steering Cable-driven parallel robot Rehabilitation Hexapod Cascade control Robotique médicale Design framework Adaptive Controller Feedforward Humanoid robotics Force control Actuation redundancy Underwater robotics Surgical robotics Parallel mechanism Cable Tension Criteria of performance Articulated traveling plate Active Observer Visual tracking Feedback linearization Biped walking robot AUV Commande Robotics Control Kinematics Robotic surgery Variable stiffness Model predictive control Optimisation PKM Hand tracking LMI Parallel kinematic manipulators Medical robotics Simulation Robots parallèles Underwater vehicles RISE control Real-time experiments PID Underwater Robotics Beating heart tracking Augmented reality Cable robots Identification 3D ultrasound imaging 3D ultrasound Nonlinear systems Motion control Teleoperation Bilateral teleoperation Nonlinear control Modeling Tensegrity mechanism Design Cable-Driven Parallel Robots Parameter identification Accuracy Optimization Cochlea Sliding mode control Haptics Pick-and-place