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  Algorithms, Graphs and Combinatorics


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Oriented coloring Cutwidth Memory optimization Packings in graphs Non-crossing partitions Graph theory Polynomial kernel Exponential Time Hypothesis Combinatoire Girth Protrusion decomposition Kernelization Complexity Erdős–Pósa property Traffic grooming Graph coloring Bijection 2-distance coloring Edge contractions Combinatorics Optical networks Graph colouring Matroid Forests Hyperplane arrangement Graph minors Permutation graphs First-order logic Phylogenetic networks Graphs on surfaces Oriented matroid Pathwidth Vertex cover Planar graph Oriented graph Treewidth FPT-algorithm Chordal graphs Minimal triangulation Hitting minors Edge coloring Edge contraction Hardness of approximation Planar graphs Boolean mapping 2-partition Fixed-parameter tractability Computational complexity Dynamic programming Weighted coloring Sparse graphs Domination FPT algorithm Graph drawing Well-quasi-ordering Parameterized algorithms Branchwidth Tournaments ALGORITHME Graph degeneracy Complexité paramétrée Graph Graph algorithms Analysis of algorithms Graph modification problems Bidimensionality Coloration Irrelevant vertex technique Topological minors Tournament Single-exponential algorithm GRAPHS Discharging procedure Minimum degree Graphs Approximation algorithm Obstructions Linkages Tutte polynomial Linear kernels LexBFS NP-completeness Activity Pattern avoidance Robust optimization Basis Immersions Duality MCS Graph Minors Interval graphs Maximum average degree Phylogenetics Square coloring Graph decomposition Clique-width Homomorphism Parameterized complexity Algorithms Approximation algorithms