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20th IEEE/IFIP International Symposium on Rapid System Prototyping(RSP'09), Paris : France (2009)
Synthesis of communication mechanisms for multi-tile systemsbased on heterogeneous Multi-processor System-on-Chips
A. Chagoya-Garzon1, X. Guérin1, F. Rousseau1, F. Pétrot1, D. Rossetti2, A. Lonardo2, P. Vicini2, P.S. Paolucci3

Current multimedia applications give birth to a I number of complex heterogeneous multiprocessor architectures with specific communication infrastructure designed to achieve their demanding requirements. To obtain higher computational power with these multi-processor system on chips (MPSoCs), it is possible to connect several of them together through a specific network fabric, supported by dedicated network processors, reaching complexity levels too high for the general application programmer to cope with. This paper describes a flexible and efficient software implementation of communication mechanisms for such architectures, which masks the complexity of the communication infrastructure to the application programmer.
1 :  TIMA - Techniques of Informatics and Microelectronics for integrated systems Architecture
2 :  INFN - Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare [Sezione di Roma 1]
3 :  ATMEL - Atmel Corporation
system-on-chip – communication-services