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THERMINIC 2005, Belgirate, Lago Maggiore : Italie (2005)
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Quantitative thermoreflectance imaging : calibration method and validation on a dedicated integrated circuit
G. Tessier1, S. Pavageau1, C. Filloy1, B. Charlot2, G. Jerosolimski1, D. Fournier1, B. Cretin3, S. Dilhaire3, S. Gomes3, N. Trannoy3, P. Vairac3, S. Volz3

We have developed a CCD-based thermoreflectance microscope which can deliver thermal images of working integrated circuits.
1 :  LSLP - Laboratoire de Spectroscopie en Lumière Polarisée
2 :  TIMA - Techniques of Informatics and Microelectronics for integrated systems Architecture
3 :  MN - Micro et nanothermique
Thermoreflectance – thermal mapping