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A VLSI implementation of parallel fast Fourier transform
A. VACHER1, M. Benkhebbab1, A. Guyot1, T. Rousseau1, A. Skaf1

This paper presents the design of a VLSI circuit to perform the Fourier transform using on-line most-significant-digit-first arithmetic. First, the principles of the pipelined fast Fourier transform are recalled, and a folded pipeline is introduced. Then on-line operators and operator merging rules are used to design a cost effective butterfly operator. Finally a circuit with 8 butterflies is described and compared to other realizations.
1 :  TIMA - Techniques of Informatics and Microelectronics for integrated systems Architecture
VLSI-implementation – parallel-fast-Fourier-transform – VLSI-circuit-design – on-line-most-significant-digit-first-arithmetic – pipelined-fast-Fourier-transform – folded-pipeline – on-line-operators – operator-merging-rules – cost-effective-butterfly-operator