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A sweeping mode integrated tactile fingerprint sensor
B. Charlot1, F. Parrain1, N. Galy1, B. Courtois1

We report recent advances in the development of a tactile fingerprint sensor made by a CMOS compatible frontside bulk micromachining technology. This device enables the measurement of a fingerprint by the way of a mechanical scanning principle of the finger's roughness. While this sensing principle has shown good results on a first reduced length prototype, we present here the design, fabrication and test of a new sensor. This sensor contain 256 pressure sensitive microbeams for a total length of 1.28 cm and is integrated with analog and mixed signal electronics
1 :  TIMA - Techniques of Informatics and Microelectronics for integrated systems Architecture
sweeping-mode-integrated-tactile-fingerprint-sensor – CMOS-compatible-frontside-bulk-micromachining-technology – mechanical-scanning-principle – finger-roughness – prototype- – pressure-sensitive-microbeams – signal-electronics – 1.28-cm