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fulltext access Implementation of a fault diagnosis method for timed discrete-event systems
Suiphon B. et al
[hal-00752495 - version 1] (16/11/2012)
fulltext access An Energy-Efficient Architecture for Nanometric Technologies with Strong Robustness to Process Variability : Design of a GALS node based on a MIPS R2000 processor
Durand S. et al
[hal-00675609 - version 1] (2013-06-01)
fulltext access CMP Service: past, present, future
Courtois B.
[hal-00355627 - version 1] (23/01/2009)
fulltext accessible on an other server The Spitzer Legacy Survey of the HST-ACS 2 sq. deg. COSMOS Field: survey strategy and first analysis
Sanders D.B. et al
[hal-00131465 - version 1] (16/02/2007)