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Surface and Coatings Technology 204, 8 (2010) 1193-1199
Austenite modification of AISI 316L SS by pulsed nitrogen ion beams generated in dense plasma focus discharges
Jorge Feugeas, L. Rico, L. Nosei, B.J. Gomez, E. Bemporad, Jacky Lesage1, J. Ferron2

We present the results of a surface modification of AISI 316L stainless steel by surface irradiation with high energy, pulsed nitrogen ion beams generated with 0.8 kJ dense plasma focus. The surface characterization was done using GAXRD, Auger electrons spectroscopy, TEM and optical microscopy. After the irradiation, we found a modification of a 1 μm thick surface layer, on which a gradual lattice expansion of the austenite with the number of irradiation pulses, i.e. with the total nitrogen ion fluence, was observed. In addition, ~ 40 nm close to the surface layer, a disordered lattice structure had been observed through TEM analysis. Those results can be explained in terms of the extreme thermal effect induced on the surface through the fast high energy release during the pulsed ion interaction with the steel surface, followed by an also rapid cooling down process which limits the nitrogen diffusion to the bulk.
1:  LML - Laboratoire de mécanique de Lille
2:  TIMA - Techniques of Informatics and Microelectronics for integrated systems Architecture
Plasma wall interaction – Ion nitriding – Expanded austenite – Z-pinch – Plasma focus – Nanofilms – Austenitic stainless steel – Tribology