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Mixed design of integrated circuits and systems, A. Napieralski, Z. Ciota, A. Martinez, G. de Mey, J. Cabestany (Ed.) (1998) 256 p.
A finite state description of the earliest logical computer : the Jevons'Machine
P. Amblard1

In 1870 a British scholar, W.S. Jevons, built the first computer designed to solve logical problem. Inspired by Boole and Babbage, Jevons built a mechanical device implementing automated deduction. In this paper, we present in contemporary terms the basic features of Jevon's machine. These features are related to finite-state machines and evaluation of words of a regular language. Two investigations about this machine are presented : the first one is evaluation of Jevons' machine complexity with a real-time environment. The second one is a VLSI implementation.
1:  TIMA - Techniques of Informatics and Microelectronics for integrated systems Architecture
Analog circuits design – Power devices and thermal aspects – Microsystems and neural networks – Design methodologies – Advanced trends in microelectronics education