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Hardware/Software Co-Design: Principles and Practice (1997) CHAPITRE 7
Languages for system level specification and design
A.A. Jerraya1, A. Romdhani1, C. Valderrama1, P. Lemarrec1, F. Hessel1, G.F. Marchioro1, J.M. Daveau1

Introduction to Hardware-Software Co-Design presents a number of issues of fundamental importance for the design of integrated hardware software products such as embedded, communication, and multimedia systems. This book is a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of hardware/software co-design. Co-design is still a new field but one which has substantially matured over the past few years. This book, written by leading international experts, covers all the major topics including: fundamental issues in co-design; hardware/software co-synthesis algorithms; prototyping and emulation; target architectures; compiler techniques; specification and verification; system-level specification. Special chapters describe in detail several leading-edge co-design systems including Cosyma, LYCOS, and Cosmos. Introduction to Hardware-Software Co-Design contains sufficient material for use by teachers and students in an advanced course of hardware/software co-design. It also contains extensive explanation of the fundamental concepts of the subject and the necessary background to bring practitioners up-to-date on this increasingly important topic.
1:  TIMA - Techniques of Informatics and Microelectronics for integrated systems Architecture
Hardware-Software Co-Design – circuits and systems – engineering – information systems – programming SWE & operating systems